11 February 2006

AhPah, Lei Dim ah ? Hou Dit Mow ?

My sincere thanks to all the the wishes and prayers offered by you guys. It seems that God has been watching over my father. His condition is improving, he is able to talk to us when I stop by the hospital in the evening. Altho hes still stuck in HDU till the weekend for further observations nevertheless I am glad that he is gaining his strength back.

He even got the energy to chase me out of the hdu ward, "Go home! take shower and dinner then only come again later, dont worry bout me I m fine" he said.

Dr. Lim told me they found out the cause of the problem already, its a mild heart attack. Lotsa thoughts ran through my brain at that moment.... "heart attack ?? father is gonna have a hard time coping with the changes to adapt to his new health problems."

You see, my dad are kinda different abit. He dont sleep much, he loves to lepak in the living room watching tele till wee hours while enjoying his kaw kaw punya teh-O while doing that. Not to mention he smokes too! that all gonna be history from now on, if hes gonna survive this heart problem of his he hafta change his lifestyle.

Father wanna see his grandson but I cant bring Lil Devil into HDU ward. The nurse told us only children above 12 yrs old are allowed into HDU. Father will just have to wait untill he is transfered to a normal ward before he gets to see his grandson.

Heartbeats stabilised, energy regained, Sis is back from Bangkok and mum looks relieved. Thanks for all your prayers!!! they are very PAHWERFUL !!!!!!! TENKIU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look after your oldman, they are getting more fragile as they gets older. Tenkiu God for looking after mine !!!



  1. Blardy hell Wingz. You better go home and take shower like papa wingz said.
    Otherwise you bring germs into HDU.
    Glad to know that papa wingz condition has stabilize.
    Guess my prayer to Ayah Pin helps also. :)

  2. Hope your papa get well soon.

  3. I'm glad

    Buggar u also lepak very late too, u plz take care too

  4. Anonymous4:30 am

    Glad to hear that. :)

  5. good to hear that wingz. :D
    take care.

  6. good to hear he's doing well, thank god!

  7. Glad to hear about ur father condition. U take care too.

    *my father died coz of heart attack..huuhuuhu*

  8. that one piece of good news that i can do with. so can start joking again?

  9. Anonymous9:27 am

    Glad to know that your dad's condition has stabilize and improve.
    This is good news. Thank God .

    Hope yr dad a good recovery and you pls take care too.

  10. *LOL at Cocka Doodle.*

    Ei, Cocka, you think he wants #5 mya bini ah? I dun mind owning the kingdom of teko. Except that this time, I will build the teko with the letters 'te ko' back to front. Lagi dasyat. I know for sure Ah Pek and Wingz sure sembah wan.

  11. I'm glad to hear that your dad's condition is improving. I wish him speedy recovery :)

  12. Glad to know papa wingz is improving. You take care and take shower ;-)

  13. Glad to hear that bro...

  14. Glad to hear your dad is recovering.

    I miss my dad!!! I wanna go home!!


  15. Glad to know your Papa doing well. You take care too!!

  16. Anonymous1:59 pm

    glad to know your dad is recovering.
    Take care Wingz !

  17. Anonymous3:16 pm

    I'm glad that your lao peh now hoh seh liao.

    Ang gong po pi po pi. ;-)

  18. that is cetainly good news.
    We wish him a speedy recovery.

  19. cocka : yar your prayers very the power!!! tenkiuu

    jayus : tenkiu vehlee much!

    fros : ok omega 3 I go buy later

    9394 : thanks

    jason : thank you I m glad too

    crazygrrl : thanks u take care too

    wuching : yes thanks to god! lol

    applpie : sorry to hear bout the death of you father. thank you for your concern, really apprecaite it.

    ahpek : can start joking ledi la but the oldman still in hdu ward so knot bo too happy bout it either

    joyce : thank you for your blessing and prayers

    5xmom : sembah ko-te ?? -_-"

    simmie : thank you

    linpeh : latuk telimakasi

    mahagurusia : thanks

    siaocharbor : take care hor ... age is catching up

    cynthia : haha faster come home wei ... thanks

    sun, moon & star : thanks alot!

    elaine : thanks and take care too

    sk : kamsiahhh wa caya sama lu!!!

  20. get well soon to your dad!! My prayers are with him.

  21. Wei 5xmom, don't question my faith leh.
    I really Sky Kingdom mya member. *suppressing laughter*

  22. Anonymous3:05 am

    Phew~ Thank GOD he is okay now !

  23. Cocka Doodle:
    If you Sky Kingdom mya member, Lin Peh is Ayah Pin lor ! ;-)

  24. Anonymous12:27 pm

    hope he get well soon.spent more time with your dad.

  25. Glad to hear the good news...

    So I guess your old man will have to do away with his playboy collection... lol

  26. hope that rojak's papa get well soon!!!


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