23 February 2006

NYP Tammy T-shirt at Cafepress.com What will they think of next ?

The Said T-shirt at Cafepress.com

I am sure someone is either doing this as a joke or trying to capitalised on this issue but I think this one is a bit over guah ??? Personally I think This Tammy issue is not gonna end anytime soon. More and more peoples gonnal come up with more ideas to take advantage of her situation. Last I heard someone bought the domain http://tammynyp.com and is offering it for sale! Diu! what will they think of next huh ?


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  1. Anonymous7:15 am

    and more..


  2. u r taking advantage of the scandal oso by publishing so many posts relating to it so u r just as guilty lah!

  3. Anonymous8:33 am

    We need to talk about Tammy so much that a special forum has been set up for bloggers and other freaks to share Tammy-tales, links to photographs and videos, and discuss the latest rumors!
    Discuss Tammy NYP Video

  4. oi bradder, you are not doing too bad yourself!

  5. Wingz moonlighting for CNN breaking news ar?? LOL

  6. Anonymous11:41 am

    You watched too much Backside Mau Turn ka? Why interested in batang pulak? :P

  7. she is such a poor thing


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