13 February 2006

GUYS!!! Dont Buy Chocolate As Valentine Gift !!!!

I hope none of the chocolate manufacturer is reading this! if not sure kena diao kaw kaw one lol!

I am sure there is still alot of us that havent bought their Valentine present yet correct anot ? Well its not too late then, trust me. In fact after reading what i wanna say you will be glad that u waited till the last minutes only goan buy your valentine gift.

Whatever you are buying, just remember this! DONT BUY CHOCOLATE for your valentine/gf(s)/Wife(s)/Mistress(es).

Why ? What you mean why ? you dunno one ka ?? *sigh* nvm u read the below passage first then i explain to you slow slow.

Whoa, you should be saying, “How can you connect up eating chocolate with sexuality. Well the reason being is that when people get addicted to chocolate, it is because it gives a chemical high from the release of dopamine into our brains. It's an artificial chemical high that can substitute sex. I mean women will say they prefer it to sex. Its easy to handle and they can take it without any problems or responsibility, other than the skin problems and obesity it might cause.

For when it comes down to it, natural sex does exactly the same thing in releasing dopamine into the blood stream to get us high naturally. This is where the word 'dope' comes from. But in this case natural sex yields natural dope and a natural high into our bodies which electrifies and balances and charges our bodies and even gives us greater resistance to disease. These are the natural advantages of having normal , natural sex as well as the other more scientific wave properties we experience at bliss. (See Teleportation at Bliss post). I mean even more specifically, the culmination of natural sex and not chocolate consumption can bring on the greatest blessing of this world.


OK, now you know why people like to relates chocolate with sex, this is because everytime you eat chocolate your body will release a kinda chemical call dopamine into your blood stream and make u high, its like sex minus all the messey stuffs la ....

So, imagine this .... you and your girlfriend, just finished your valentine dinner you drove her home and she invited you into her house for "coffee" then u present her with a box of chocolate. You thought you gonna get laid tonite .... oh man you are so WRONG!!!!

She will sit there eating her chocolate and having her multiple orgasm that you will never be able to give to her and you ... well you just hafta use your left hand again tonite LMAO!!!

So if you wanna get laid tomorrow night! DONT FARKING BUY CHOCOLATE FOR YOUR VALENTINE!!!!

if you dont belif me you can check with Aunty Lilian and see! Aunty Lilian dem love chocolate wan!!! LOL!!! Now you know why she love chocolate la horrr *winks*

*Another community services brought to you by Rojaks Daily


  1. Oi, you betul-betul wanna get my parang ah?

    You know why it is orgasmic to eat anot? 'Cos it is farking expensive! RM180 for a puny box which is RM8 per gulp. So dem high 'cos I know I am worth it! It is the money value la tiu!

  2. Anonymous4:05 pm

    lol lilian... might as well eat money :P

    oi wingz i bought chocolates for her ledi how? die!

  3. so no chances for me to get chocolate la 2moro if my hubby read ur entry...huhhuhuuhuhuhu

  4. ya! ya! auntie, give him your barang.

    if woman eat already see beh song, then i eat already can ejaculate ah? no need use hand oso can ah?

  5. I better not get chocs la.. he knows I am on a diet. hehehehehe! :D

  6. Anonymous6:08 pm

    aiyo, why didnt you blog about this earlier? i just bought chocolates few days ago nia.........

  7. i like chocolates.. dairy ones not white =P

    can or not?!?!?!?

    smack you ah

  8. I love black chocolate!! Don't you dare tell my husband not to give!!

    Having said that, I love black chocolate but not everything also black lar..... pink would be nice....(not chocolate).

    Lilian - one box of chocolate and 1 Valentine card equiv. RM700 La Mer ar?? Your ATM untung lar!! lol

  9. hey , i thought the chocolate (similiarly like perfume and rose) can stimulate our body endorphine, which is naturally occur hormone acting like morphine. This is why it gives the ppl that kind of 'high' feeling. =) I dont know lah... =) But i know it is something to do with endorphine ;) Oh yeah, excercise (physical activities) also can increase endorphine level in our body.. =P Aiyah.. you know what i am saying lahhhh! ;P

  10. Anonymous11:50 pm

    but why left hand? :p

  11. 5xmom : not i say one leh!!! that website say one lehhh

    decypher : bought chocolate ledi ? sindiri eat lar ... eat ledi can tfk kakaka!!

    applepie : why u nak cokolet laaa ... mintak jer kat abang .... nanti dia bagi kaw kaw mia! kakaka

    ahpek : knot lidat la ... men eat liow easier to hard only ... still need to tfk one lol

    scorkes : hahaha nvm if u need dopamine/endorphine then your other half can supply lol no nid chew choc la

    fros : -_-""

    yotheman : nvm la ... u can eat yourself when shes not around kakaka!!!!

    reta : why u nid chocolate la ... u so pwetty sure can find other alternative one kakaka!!

    helen : research shows older women tends to eat lotsa chocolate one ... maybe its an indication hor ? lol!!

    cynthia : alamak not dopamine ? i derno ler that stupid site says dopamine ... no mention bout endorphine also. Sexcercise also can produce endorphine ka ? wuahhh i like!!!

    bryan : ok larr now we know u using right hand ledi la!!! kakakakaka

  12. Chocolates only make you fat and flowers die in two days =P


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