8 February 2006

Best Valentine Gift Ever! Bloggers Edition of Cuddly Soft Toys for your Girls/Ladies

Tok-kok : guys enjoyed the panty post alot right ? to be fair this post is for the ladies to enjoy la. Ladies, enjoy yourself !!! dont tfk MTF at the pics pls!!!

Its that time of the year again where you hafta buy gift for your love one or else! we understand how difficult it is for you. Thats why we at Rojaks Inc. Takes the trouble to source for the best gift for this occasion! We took the trouble to do the surveys and send thousands of questionaires out and the results shown all pretty chicks loves cuddly toys.

Let me ask you guys a question, have you ever left your gf(s)/Wife(s) alone while you hafta travel because of work ? well worry no more!!! We at Rojaks Inc. already solved the problem for you!!! Behold our latest collection of cuddly bloggers soft toys!!! Your Girlfriend(s) will never be lonely anymore !!!!

This year at WE at Rojaks Inc. NOT gonna bring you the normal "bored-u-2-death" type of cuddly soft toys, We got FOR YOU the ULTIMATE CUDDLY SOFT TOYS in THE WORLD!!! What more they even comes with famous bloggers name!!! How is that for the Best Valentine Day Gift ???

For a limited time only we at Rojaks inc, is offering this great collection of soft cuddly toys at a very attractive price! We at Rojaks Inc. gerenti the next day delivery plus 30 days money back gerenti!!! You got nothing to lose!!! what you waititng for ??!!! dial that number on you screen now !!!!
*Note : All calls will be charge RM1.50 per minutes

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!!! Introducing Rojaks Inc. Collection of Valentine's day blogger soft toy collection Volume I !!!!

Item No.1 - Linpeh The Bunny
A favourite for those hardcore gerenti to provide your girl with hours upon hours of fun! Linpeh will Keep on going and going and going and going ...... IF battery flat ledi also nvm ... can use as manual dildo also LMAO!!

Item no.2 - Ahpek the Racoon
This one abit special, if you want it to do as you say, first you have to get it drunk first, then everything after that is totally up to you or your girl. Ahpek can make pretty romantik or hamsup poem to lum your girl(s) too!!! A Favourite among Aunties!!!

Item no.3 - Buaya69 The Bear
Dont be fooled by his appearance! you dont see him white white, pure pure lidat, this bear is buaya in disguise! once activated this buaya will start hunting for wet pussies! A must have for macho girls/tomboys! this buaya will make you feel like a pussy ! LOL!

Item no.4 - Kenny The Piggy

Soli this item sold out ledi, all sold to Singaporeans! Just to let you know what is the features of this toy, this one is well known for the size of its coconuts all across S.E.A., also well known for his multi talented character. A truly funny piggy, hes every girl's dream toy. Too bad sold out ledi .... no more stock!

Item no.5 - Eggy The Muse
This one very punctual one, but he only works from 9 to 5 with lotsa breaks in between, a favourite among gomen servants. He rarely works OT but if required he will not hesitate to comply also. I dunno why but this fler got a thing for Nissan Sentra also .... maybe its the manufacturing defects LOL!!

Item no. 6 - Cocka The Koala
Nicknamed Cocka Cola of the blogsphere, this fler did hell lotsa cock's job too! he will wakeup at 6am and start cocking around, we been told by the manufacturer that this fler can also act as your personal alarm clock. a COCK CLOCK!!! Other than that this fler dont do much, just laying around toking cock!

There you have it! the 6 Best Valentine's Day gift of the Century!!! Single girls also can buy them to ease their own loneliness whenever they pleased!

Order fast!!! stock is moving fast!!! Call the number on your screen now! and remember, you seen this first on Rojaks Daily !!!

Please remember to quote item number when ordering. All purchase comes with a 30 days money back guarantee! Guarantee next day delivery policy! All purchase will be kept confidential, so dont be afraid to buy one for yourself ok!!!



  1. woooo!!!!!! ngia meh ngee!!! how many racoons you got?? i sai lang everything, send one to each and every auntie here!!.
    hope they will use it every night.

  2. still that present 4 ger lor wingz.... we man no worry one..
    but pitty 4 ger mah? cant choose present 4 their boifrenor hubby 1?
    btw i oder all that toy but
    where's rojaks spesel edition 1?

  3. after valentine's day, they all return used one for money back gerenti! eeww..

  4. Research has also determined that the Koala is the fastest selling amongst the 6 because women generally prefers anything cute and fluffy Downunder! ;)

  5. your header damn funny weh...
    "Ladies, enjoy yourself !!! dont tfk at the pics pls!!! "
    wtf....ladies cannot tfk lol

  6. Anonymous8:24 pm

    where the h@ll you get this alll kind of things?
    got 24hrs refund bo?

  7. Ahpek : cash or kad?!!! i still got 123 pieces of Racoon wor!! how? suma charge u ka ? lol

    wuching : USED one fetch higher price if sell it at Japan's market! ALOT higher !!!!

    cockacola : cutw downonder means short n fat ar ? kkakakaka

    yhtan : ok la solilooo i changed to MTF ledi

    yotheman : for you 24 hrs refund la!!! which one u want ? i know u buying for urself one dun shy shy

    Malilah mali
    Malilah beli
    jangan susah hati
    tarak ngam boleh di-ganti ~~~

  8. I want a Koala but the racoon may be angry. And then, the bunny seems good too. So how? If I buy three, got free what ha?

  9. Got somemore :

    Cocka said :
    women generally prefers anything cute and fluffy Downunder! ;)

    Oi, Cocka, who tells you women prefer cute and fluffy one? Your loupoh trying to assure you it is ok to have cute and fluffy wan ah?

    Wingz : Please cancel my order. I think I will search other place for elephants.

  10. Nice research!

    But hor, versatility is the key mah. Only cuddle up with you not good enough leh. Must have other functions also, then guarantee many products out of stock.


  11. wahhhh leng leng!

    buy for gf sure kena slap!

  12. "We took the trouble to do the surveys and send thousands of questionaires out ........."
    5xmom, the empirical evidence was compiled by Rojakz Inc.

    The authenticity of such datas were tested and further verified by another independent university. Primary datas such as these revealing the needs of the modern day women has prompted toy manufacturer "Joy4Us"to come up with toys with big dicks.

    Rest assured, the marketing department will seriously look into the needs of those with big cb and will do all we can to accomodate special request for elephants.

  13. tis is really a great gift to buy on valentine. But hor, this fella here is abit pk wo..can 'ansuran 30 month' or hutang 1st ar??!!

  14. Can vibrate or not? Hahahh

  15. eh, I don't think you should do the money back guarantee lor....you don't know where they have been......hahahhahaa

  16. get the Muse from me direct can get 30% discount and free delivery (to address within two house radius from my residence only)!!

    While stocks last!!

    p/s: too add vibration function, add RM50!

  17. Woi Wingz,
    I think you should switch to present GIRLS should get for us GUYS!!!

  18. Aiyo....u see Lin Peh very up leh. Lin Peh wan smal smal kkc onli la. where got so keng ? LOL!

  19. egghead: got 30% discount ar..then mayb can think about it. but free delivery only limited to 2house radius. Susah lo

  20. Hey what size it comes in?? S,M, L or XL??

  21. Anonymous5:55 pm

    wat is MTF?

  22. MCH .. this is definitely AAA+ rated good piece of shit.

    I love it man .. u my man .. super coOL

    by d way.. who made those cute toys ya? Jap or Korean? or u yourself hehehe ^^


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