14 February 2006

Free Valentine's Condom From Rojaks Daily - Come and Claim Yours Now!!!

I got this coming into my gmail yesday, NO! i didnt subscribe to their newsletter neither do I know this kinda site exist in Malaysia but WHAT THE HECK! since they are giving away free condom so I thot why not I put it up in my blog and let you all take advantage of this right anot ?

I mean most of you guys are buying condoms right? somemore tomolo is Valentine already, I m sure lotsa you guys will buy condoms and prepare to get laid one LOL!!! SO kira the free gift is to replenish your stock laaa.

This company (www.ineedhouse.com) is giving away free condom if you register and be their member, no purchase required (i think) but applicable to Malaysian Only! (how true izzit i dunno la, you kena register and see got tipu anot. If tipu then u blog bout it kaw kaw la! )

Other than this condom they also got sell :

1. kukuciao (penis) pump - I think this one is to temporary increase your kukuciao size by half an inch one la kakaka .... I cant imagine la .. b4 making love the fler go toilet there *pump pump pump pump* sweating sial! KAKAKAKAKA!!!

2. Glow in the dark condom (mahai glow in the dark condom ?? watdafark!!! why u wanna see kukuciao glow in the dark ? wear ledi terus masuk liow la ... sommo wanna swing left swing right do ritual dancing meh ? glow in da dark! WATDAFARK LA!!! )

3. Other hamsups devices - like cuffs, whips, dildos, anal plugs, leather etc. etc. (hmm maybe i should ask them for a VIP card, just in case my buddy like Ahpek, Latuk Linpeh, dSaint, Cocka and 9394 wanna buy new hamsups gadgets then can get discount LOL!)

Malaysia's top
lovers products,
famous novelty
with more
varieties & funny sex items.
The only Malaysia's
largest condom stores with 5 branches at Klang Valley.
Our products are made from USA, Japan and Germany.
*Wholesales available also*

<--- Click here to register wor!

Terms & Conditions:
1) Please supply valid information so that the gift is delivered accurately to you.
2) After your registration, simply send us an email to ineedhouse@latexgift.com as confirmation.
3) This offer is valid for one gift per member.
4) Once the gift is send, the Management will not resend a second time.
5) We are sending the gift to valid addresses in Malaysia only.

Order from our website and get a FREE Mystical Gift and More Discount

Anti-Spam Disclaimer:
This email is meant for our potential clients only.
Should you have accidentally received this email and do not wish to hear from us again in the future, simply reply "unsubscribe".
Thank you.

Makai .... the above statement dem lame ok!!!! I m not potential client la!!!! Spam say spam la!!!!! lancau potential client pulak diu!!!

What u waiting for ??!!! faster go claim your free Condom la!!! later they say no more stock you dont diu me!!!! Kira this one Free Valentine Day Gift from Rojaks la!!! ok ?

Happy Valentine's Day !!!! Hope you get Laid !!! WUAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!

Disclaimer : I m in no way connected to the above mentioned company.


  1. LOL. I would have wanted to ask for some for my atm but soli hor, I no nid liao. Freeeeedom!

    And then hor, glow-in-the-dark is like play lightsaber mah. Likedat oso dunno. Two gays can play mah, want to play keris, samurai, lightsaber, bamboo stick wateva oso can.

  2. Ha!! I volunter for WAAC (western australia AIDS council).. I've seen lotsa lotsa condoms. Got black one.. in case the gal like nigger kkc; got flavors , but i think this is quite normal advertising; got climate control for different seasons, got extended pleasure; got little vibrating ring one...macam macam rojak ada. =)

  3. Anonymous1:08 am

    Happy Valentine's Day to you!

    Because of you, Suanie asked me to buy the 7 inch and the 2.5 inch one for her :(

  4. Anonymous3:09 am

    Got guarantee or not? If got lubang on the free condom then how? By the time you realize it has lubang, cry also no use. Kakakaka....

  5. Anonymous5:08 am

    oi, why every few hours one new post? too free ah?

  6. what's the silicone body glide?

  7. i saw cactus-shape condom b4 oso...

    damn sot.

  8. diao ngia ngai diao, somemore dare to say you not pakat with those guys? dedicate one whole post for their products. i think you the taikor of that site lah.

  9. Anonymous9:03 am

    maybe you are their loyal customer if not y did they sent it to you.
    pump shiok wht,make it bigger and longer .when habis liao no need to tie it back.

  10. eh, they sell all these hamsup stuff gahmen dun tangkap ah? I think probably the store front is selling novelty items. If you ask them, they sure got super XXX in stock for private purchase wannn

  11. maybe wingz is a regular customer of ineedhouse lah, that's why they send email to him.

    i heard of glow in the dark condom before. well before masuk, it need to be seen first of course, so good to see it glowing esp. if one like doing it in total darkness.

    btw, happy V-day to you, wingz.

  12. only get free condom ke if register? other than that takde ke? hahhhhahahahahah. takmau register lah!!

  13. Anonymous12:23 pm

    Siao cha bor, I think I told the same trick to wingz in one of his old old posts, but I asked him to use tabasco sauce lah. :p

    I think wingz is the taikor of the shop too. Wingz, since you got so many condoms let's go to Sungei Wang to do free condom distribution tonight.

  14. Why until now you still does not want to reveal all that shops you own.
    By the way last week i brought from you the 'Bullfighter' spoil after only use one, how?? return back or exchange a new one?..quick I need it for tonight !!

  15. frostier : ya la now u know rojaks is good lehhhh!!!

    5xmom : why no nid condom ledi ??? menopause liow ? hahahaha glow in the dark condom use lidat one ka ? knn next time i go akido class must bring glow in the dark condom

    cynthia : wuiyo! you really sexpert in condom la ... got give free sample anot ?? lol!

    scb : i think if you over pump hor the kukuciao will explode just like a over pumped balloon!! kakaka!

    sk : wuah fros told me u got jalan with suanie one worrr

    bryan : mch i mana tau? i betui betui not associated with them one laaaa

    decypher: mahai got too many ideas for post liow

    wuching : sounds like KY jelly to me

    lynnee : cactus ??!!! with spikes!!!! ouchhh !!! i dint know girls loves spikes in their hole one leh!!!

    ahpek : brader i bluff u for what ? Valentine mah, so i post this up lor! at least now got more ppl know where to get candles and cuffs to play tik lap tonite kakakaka

    yothemans : i not their regular laa!! this is spam laaa!!! mahai over pump ledi your kukuciao meletup then u know!

    simmie : malaysia mah ... as if u derno ... got $ suma kautim laa!!

    lucialai : wuah jiejie u also expert hor ... eh if you bj glow in the dark condom hor .. the your mouth will glow anot after that ? LOL!!!

    applepie : why u wanna use condom la? u kahwin ledi dun lar torture your abang lidat lol

  16. 9394 : mahai of coz spoil la!!! ppl use on kukuciao .. u goan use as breast enlarger for what ??!!! kakakaka

  17. http://ccfoo.blogspot.com/2005/09/extended-pleasure-sunday.html

    in 2005, we packed approximately 12 thousands condoms. =)

  18. Choy...what menopause? I environmental friendly, don't sacrifice rubber. It's au naturel!

  19. glow-in-the-dark in for those inexpereince guy so they can use it a torch light to find the chi-bye hole la ! ;-)

    By the way, Happy VD !!!!! Yamadeeeeeeeeeee !

  20. Ei, I thought that was your company??

    Glow in the dark KKC is useful lar....
    1. to find entrance (use wrong entrance choi choi choi)
    2. and also next time late for movie can just ask him to unzip and find seat no!

  21. cis mengapa pula aku yang kena??!?

  22. Wingz, learnt alot from you re valentine for the gals and the guys.

    Hope you have a great valentine day!

  23. waliu, got glow in the dark mia condom wan ka? like that if wear in the dark time like star wars mia lightsabre when it erect. let the force be with you. lolz.


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