22 February 2006

NYP Hamsup Sex Video - Wah lau eh so many wanna get their hands onnit!!!

This is a temporary post, will remove it soon!

Another NYP Video Sex Scandal in Singapore you ask?
Who is this poor girl Tammy?
Why would she tape her own sexual escapades and let them be released on the Internet?
Does she know Susan Chua?

Word is spreading across the web that Tammy, a cheerleader from Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP), gave head to her boyfriend in a home-made internet video. Apparently, an arch enemy of hers sneaked away with her handphone and spread the video to other NYP students. A group of black hackers had even managed to retrieve her personal details from NYP�s vulnerable database - her FULL name, IC number and address

Apparently however, the details exposed were not actually hers.

[Via Spymy]