7 February 2006

Looking for Valentine E-Card ? I got some here!

Found this forwarded email in my INBOX, since Valentine's Day is around the corner I thought alot of people will be looking high and low for some cute cute message or e-Card to send to their love one.

Here you go, there are 7 different kinda message down here. Maybe one will suit you just fine.

Valentine's day is not only for those lover lover gf/bf type you know ? You can even send Valentine card to your best/normal frend too! but make sure you choose your gender la, i mean boy send to girl and girl send to boy. NOT boy to boy ok?!!!! Valentine is very teh straight wan!!!!

This one suitable to be given to your future/potential gf/bf

Those who were on Long Distance Relationship, this one ngam for lu! its either this or 3G phonesex whichever you prefer.

This one suitable for your childhood love, you know that girl/boy who used to play doctor and marry with you one lehhh .... LOL!

What other best way to tell your bf that his fart is bloody stinko than on a Valentine's day ??? LOL! now you understand what it means by "u takes my breath away" LMAO!!

I think this one can send to grandma ler

Nothing really special about this one, nevertheless I think this one suitable for normal frend la
This one is classic!! this one ngam for 5xmom, her atm should buy this and give it to her on Valentine day lol or Ahpek can give this to his wife, dSaint also can give his wife, Helen's hubby should give this to her also. I guessed this one very suitable for married couple la, you know everyday for the past 20 years u been looking at that particular face only.... I mean we would very happy if they can manage to look the same bcoz most of them do get worst after a while LMAO!!!

Happy Valentine's Day !!!!!

Source : forward email! derno wtf is the original author!


  1. when ur married for many years like me, you don't wanna know these thing anymore!

  2. I am gonna send the fart one to my atm. Cilaka, 20 yrs liao, can stop midway in romen, and ask - can i fart first?

    And this one is for rojakz

  3. send the last one to your wife lah... then maybe I could meet you up at Hospital KL emergency ward... LOL!

  4. auntie, after 20 yrs. no need to ask already. just let go!!

  5. You know the card should read "don't get any better."

    Why, because I'm damn blardy perfect.... to have a perfect wife is actually a burden. So, my hubby is feeling the pressure of having the perfect woman... that is why he's wishing I won't get any better!!

    After wearing Ah Pek's gift, I'm even more invincible!! MUAHARHARHAR

  6. Ah pek - what? in the middle of romen. Wanna get kick or bitten in the errrmmm...you know..

  7. On Feb 14th nite, I normally pour myself a glass of wine, raise it in toast and sing,
    "To all the gals who shared my life....
    who now are someone else's wife....
    I'm glad they came along,
    I dedicate this song,
    To all the gals I loved before..."

  8. "To all the guys who shared my life....
    who now are someone else's boring husbands....
    I'm glad they got away
    I dedicate this song,
    To all the guys who can't maintain an erection anymore...."

    LOL, soli wingz, can't help it. I arm luen Cocka's choy san's voice so very ngam key with him. Wonder Lin Peh wanna do bloggers sing screwed up love songs anot?

  9. my turn my turn!!

    to all the girls i screwed befoh
    who is now someone elses lowpor
    I seen their sifut lung
    I dedicate this song
    to all the girl i screwed befoh~~~

    kakakaka how ? mine one ori anot ? this one took 1 minit to come out only lol

  10. Sifut lung?? lidat orso can ah? Eh Wingz, you hakka tiao ah?

  11. cocka : ngai heh jin jong geh hakka diao!!! kika ngin ???

  12. Wingz!!!! Organise love song contest! Let your readers submit the most ori lyrics. I cannot 'cos nanti my regular readers pengsan. You throw in a prize la. A panty or you. Then, later, we ask lin peh to sing.

  13. Oi!!! chi kah yin oh...tiao ngah tiao! lol

  14. port ngia tai lang!!! jung ngia lau fansu !!! kika ngin aarr?? diao!! jau kong larr!!!

  15. Tiao niah sifut
    Wet nia chong,
    Nia pah hum ngai cho sey long!

  16. ngai lou kong oso hark kah ngin. ngai hiu kong harkka war. Pot ten heh moh?

    (my hubby oso hakka, i can speak hakka. Pot ten = chisin?)

  17. 5xmom...yours is hao por hak. Wingz wan is chapahlang hak.LOL
    Alamak! Wingz blog becomes hakka blog oreadi ...muahahaha!!!!
    Actually, I'm half hakka. Bottom half that is. (luckily bottom half not teochew)

  18. liong chak hakka diau,
    chin heh det ngin nau,
    diau loi diao he kua kua chaw,
    how chiong chee bet lot sai mau.

    ahpek choi lia wui chiong ngia diau,
    diau tau ngia dew gua gua giaw,
    ngia meh chee bet sang kon bee,
    sang tau how hoi mow yeok ee.

    port ngia tai lang, fart ngia woon,
    gor mor chet toi, see chin chung,
    ngia meh you chee mow lin yung,
    ngia pah you lin mow kian lung.

    hello, ahpek oso hakka diau u know!

  19. Chiu chiu hei hakka diau ah? lolz. Wingz reli wanna organize lyric competition ka? lolz. love song, hakka song, what shi fut ohlofot song oso can. lolz.

  20. Valentines hakka style. lolz.

  21. ngai em heh hakka ngin. How? Still can join the contest ah?

  22. This is a nice hakka song.....

    Tui mien geh lai sui moi,
    kiak-kiak tarm foi loi
    Ni tarm foi
    ngai chai foi
    Ni yu chipet
    Ngai yu joi
    Ngai moon ni oi mm oi?
    hei oi chew kiak-kiak loi

    Translation: (the lady construction worker opposite,
    faster bring some cement,
    you bring cement,
    I mix cement.
    You got pussy
    I got prick
    I ask you want or not?
    If want, faster-faster come)

  23. Hahaha so funnie here... I come and see Valentine E-card but see Hakka Clan in Action.

    Wingz must be from Ampang Hakka

    better go after kena tiew sifoot

  24. Anonymous9:10 pm

    ROTFL! Can organise group singing for Valentine Hakka San Goh (Mountain Song).

  25. i join, i join ... i oso hakka ...

  26. ok ok now my turn

    (music instrumental)

    ping! ping!
    pang pin pin
    pang pin pin pin
    pang pin pin pin

    (music instrumental)

  27. wingz: print it out and go sell it...sure got people buy wan..

  28. wingz, are you hakka?
    I like the 1st card, gonna make one myself =)

  29. Anonymous1:04 pm

    Nice cards !
    Thanks for sharing .

  30. wuching : stingy say stingy laaaa lol

    5xmom : were got ppl half way beromen can fart wan ??!!!

    egghead : wuah u dem evil hor

    ahpek : u als fart during romen one ka ?

    helen : oi oi !! you taken your medicine anot today ?

    jayus : u orso hakka diao ?

    dizzy : cannnn kam kam!

    9394 :wuah how u know ? i m ampang 18 jai ... lu mana mia ? jinjang lala jai ? lol

    sifu : if organise lu mau join anot ?

    moz : ok set! you dun fong fei kei us ah!

    simmie : not my wrk ler i know print n sell other ppl's property

    cyhthia : yar i m hakka ? u hakka too ?

    elaine : thanks

  31. Anonymous3:19 pm

    oi oi... point to so many ppl, which 1 pointing back at u ah? u also can use the card lerrrrrr...

  32. me too! me too!! im hakka!!


    me no speak hakka..sigh!

  33. apa nie..y suddenly valentine card, bcome hakka comment..me sesat ard ar?? if i'mnot sesat, i like da last 1 most..

  34. Wingz asked : 5xmom : were got ppl half way beromen can fart wan ??!!!

    Wingz, come back 15 years later and tell me you can anot? Sure can wan...

  35. Me half hakka. lolz.


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