4 February 2006

Freaking Funny Video - What would you do If you are that fella ?

Come upon this hilarious video in Videologger , Imagine this, Its a typical weekend where you and your girlfriend just had a wonderful night out and you had your car parked, shes onto to you ... you guys were kissing and touching and THEN!!! she moves her head down south, You definitely would know where she is going arent you ? WELL!!! think again !!!

Wanna know how the story goes ? hehe watch the video lar!!! not that u hafta buy any ticket to watch! Keep an eye on the guy's face expression ok ? u see his face also buey tahan ledi lol!!!

HAHAHAHAHA!!! So ? What would you do if you are that fella ? Tell her lidis ?

"Eh gf how? hard enuff anot ?? of coz hard laaa that one is the bloody gearstick la !!!! That why lar!! ask u wear spectacle you donwan !!!! " LMAO!!!


  1. wahahaha !!!!!! mahai! lucky she didn't climb up for a ride.

  2. Wah...muhahahahahahhaha......~my evil laugh! Cool man Wingz....I wonder what comes next?

  3. ppfffhahaahaahaaah...lucky lar, that one not kancil. gearstick dem smo.

  4. Wahahahahaz. The guy lost to his car, his car turn her on. lolz.

  5. ahpek : climb ??!!! if stuck the how ??? call bomba come ar ? lol

    flowsnow : wuahh luff till so happy .. dont tell me u done this before lol!!

    frostier : u done this video b4 also ?

    alex : if small dem i think she will notice the diff geh lol

    siaocharbo : wuahhh ... then how big you want laa lol

    jayus : eh i forgot to put 18sx -_-""

  6. No need put ler. lolz.


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