6 February 2006

Who is Your Daddy Now ???!!!!

You know la, during chinese new year all the guys sit one side while the women gossip right anot ? then we men also got our own entertaiment wan you know ? We share jokes!! If not how to pass time huh ? This year also same, we sit one table puffing away with wine in hand and crack our favourite jokes. Too bad i didnt bring along my laptop, if not i no need to crack jokes also, I just login to my blog and let them read themself lol. Anyway I got lotsa new jokes to publish liow and this one is from Uncle Peter one .... it goes something like this.

One day Ahbeng 's wife, Ahlian wanna give birth already. Ahbeng also took Ahlian to a very high class and advance mia hospital. Ahlian dem worry because she cant take pain one so, Ahbeng ask the attending doc whether there is anything he can do to reduce labour pain or not.

Ahbeng : doc doc! my wife complain very pain la now, got anything to reduce her pain anot ?
doc : err ... such a coincidence! we are now testing a new machine that can transfer the pain of chilbirth from your wife to the father of the baby. Its still under testing tho but the product is in final stage ledi and its safe to be tested on your wife and you also. You wanna try anot ?
Ahbeng : yes i want, i very strong wan I can take pain wan.
doc : ok i will setup the machine, you and your wife get ready ok ?

* 5 minutes later a team of docs come and attach lotsa wires on Ahlian but none on Ahbeng , being curious Ahbeng asked*

Ahbeng : doc ah, no need to put wires on me wan ar ?
doc : no need, this device will automatically search and transfer the pain to the father one.

*After final checking*

doc : Ahbeng if u ready we start now ok ?
Ahbeng : OK i m ready
doc : ok now i turn power to 10% if you kenot tahan you tell me to stop ok ?
Ahbeng : ok doc ... but very little pain only maybe can put higher power ?
doc : ok now transfering 20% of the pain from mother to father
Ahbeng : not much different also doc, can turn higher ?
doc : now 30%
Ahbeng : feels like ants walking on my hand only nothing more than that wor
doc : now 40% ledi got pain anot ?
Ahbeng : not much different than 30%, turn the power higher la

*at this point doc tulan ledi, instead of going up sequentially doc straight away jump to 100%*

doc : how now ?
Ahbeng : ok la can feel abit pain la, like kena pinch lidat
doc : -_-"""

*After about 40 minutes later, everything is over and Ahlian gave birth to a healthy baby girl, doc turn off the machine and Ahbeng stand up showing abit of fatique sign only*

Ahbeng : wuah doc your machine good leh !!! my wife got very little pain only and I also not much pain! your machine is wonderful!!! thank you very much!!!
doc : you are welcome, since Ahlian also still very fresh and did not show any sign of weakness i think she no need to stay over in hopsital la, you both can go home ledi.
Ahbeng : My baby how ?
doc : Eh your baby also very healthy can take home also.
Ahbeng & Ahlian : Tenkiu doc

*Ahbeng excort Ahlian into the car and proceed to drive home, once they arrive at front gate Ahlian saw something on the ground right in front of the gate*

Ahlian : Ahbeng goan see what is that at the gate there
Ahbeng : ok what could it be lar ? #%$^!!!

*Ahbeng got down of his car and walks towards the object, then he ran back with pale face to the car and tell Ahlian *

Ahbeng : OMFG!!! its the Posman !!!! he died in front of our house !!!!

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*I know i dint get it the first time either .... lemme give u some tips ... pain transfer machine ... posman dead ... gedit ??



  1. ha? like that ah?
    i though that posman is that baby father?
    since ah beng feel little pain olni?
    that posman die coz get full blast from doc machine tranfer pain?
    hua ha ha ha ha

  2. I read halfway only, I already expect the doc to pengsan. But LOL, wrong doc.

  3. hiaw ah lian hor!

  4. why hah? why the posman die?

  5. Hah Hah Hah..lol This drug will never take off. Just imagine the millions of dead postmen all over the world. Who is going to deliver our mail???

  6. Anonymous10:20 am

    i think the posman is the father
    posman 90% shagging ah lian
    while ah beng is not at home.
    ah beng 10% shag her wife only.

  7. The postman always ring twice ah?

  8. so the moral of the story is spend more time with your wife.

  9. 5xmom : kakaka this story abit tricky

    wuching : u like hiaw ahlian anot ?

    ahpek : diu lor .. u dunno why posman die ? u ask 5xmom la!

    helen : hahahaha i think you got experience with postmen before also right anot kakakaka

    yotheman : think only ar ? confirm lar the posman is the father

    cocka : why your place the posman always ring twice also ? lol

    scorkes : the moral of ths tory should be BECAREFUL OF POSMAN !!! kakakaka

  10. cocka doodle - You watched the movie? Wuah, I like the idea of a bag of marbles. Deadly, man.

  11. Gong Hei Fatt Choy!!

    I am Moon and I like reading your blog so very very the much .....

  12. i missed out quite abit in your blog..=P luckily not much. like the video clips, they are really funny.

  13. 5xmom, yeah I like the jack nicholson and jessica lange version....especially that part on the kitchen table! LOL

  14. oh i heard this joke before. only wingz has his own style of putting it across.

  15. ohhhh!!! cocka n aunty got jalan on the kitchen table wan !!!!


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