23 February 2006

The HERO in Tammy NYP Video Identified !!!

It was disturbing me too, I mean the question who is that guy ? where is he? Why is he letting Tammy taking all the blame? I mean, he is the "Director" in the whole homemade movie thingy how come no one mentioned him before ?

Who is him?? Source

AHA! worry no more! it seems that someone alredi got a lead as to who and where he is now. His Name are said to be Andy, Andy T!

Read the article below :

I have managed to give an identity to the guy.

Lets call him Andy T, an ex-gamer from the clan Netoverlords. Andy is in his early 20s, and most probably just completed his full time NS (National Service). He stays in the western part of Sillypore.

Clik on the below links for the full story.

[Source - Book of Aletheia]

How true is this ? I have no idea, you be the judge to this! Lets wait and see!

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  1. hmmm.. i think im the slowest person of them all.

    I didnt even know Tammy thing exit..

    I didnt even know Abdullah Bawadi was in Perth..

    I only just found out when evenrything come to the end.

    Why? Why ? I am soooo slow =)

  2. Anonymous3:48 am

    I was told that those t-shirts are selling like crazy


  3. Thanks for the mention.

  4. Anonymous8:11 am

    A FORUM has been opened up so everyone can comment and share their Tammy stories, along with those special links to photos and video clips:

  5. Anonymous8:12 am


  6. Wingz, while everyone is scrambling to find the the true identities of the 2 lovers, I rather hope these ppl would habor the same intensity to flush out the culprit who released this video.

    Just hope the culprit rots!

  7. That's the fact of life lor. The female always lose out. The men go out in glory. And the one who try to balance this will probably have to drive civic and eat cendol. LOL!

  8. typical situation.. men dun have to be responsible..

  9. Anonymous5:01 pm

    Hey proudpervert, mind sending me tammy's sex video?? I'm very curious.

  10. Anonymous5:02 pm

    btw, my email address is ronald_rdrew@yahoo.com. thanks.

  11. Anonymous, no need to be curious lah. Just go to your usual porno site, it's all the same.