20 February 2006

Goverment's Job - The Golden Rice Bowl

If you dunno this then lemme tell you, Linpeh is a ex-Malaysia soldier. During the Iraq-Kuwait war Linpeh were sent to Kuwait as peacekeeper under the U.N. banner.

Linpeh the Soldier

While Linpeh in Kuwait he met with a very unfortunate accident, he stpped on a land mine but fortunately for him he still have both limbs intact but his balls were not so fortunate, they were both blown beyond recognition so, the doctor have to remove them.

That is the history la, He quit the Army after that incident and now he is back in Malaysia already. Few years ago while he was busy looking for a nine to five kinda job, then he stumbled upon this gomen (goverment) job interview ads in the newspaper. Linpeh emrolled himself and was called to attend the interview.

After filling in the forms Linpeh sit and waited for his turn to be interviwed. Not long after that his turn were up and he was called to the room to be interviwed. The interviewer was the officer of the gomen department.

The interview :

Officer : So, according to this form you have been in Kuwait, how long was you in the army ?
Linpeh : 3 years
Officer : Good, we give more priority to those who have been serving the country before.
Linpeh : You mean you will employ me ?
Officer : not yet, answer a few more questions then I will tell you bout your chances ok ?
Linpeh : ok
Officer : Do you have any disability ?
Linpeh : yes, i lost both my balls to landmines in Kuwait
Officer : OH! if like that then you are hired! you sacrificed your life for us and you deserve a place in our department! We adore heroes like yourself. When can you start work ? tomorrow can ?
Linpeh : YES! tomorrow can! thank you thank you !!!
Officer : Ok we start work sharp at 8am everyday and ends at 5pm, so your official working hours will be from 10am until 5pm la everyday. any questions ?
Linpeh : Err.. yes, I thought you said working hours starts at 8am and ends at 5pm but why you asked me to come work at 10am ?
Officer : OH! sorry, I forgot to tell you this. This is a gomen (goverment) job mah! from 8am until 10am we all do nothing just hang around and shake our balls only, since you hve no balls you come at 8am also no point what ? so you come at 10am lar ok ?
Linpeh :



  1. SO FUCKING true.

    8-10am, surf and read blogs

  2. Hahahahaha...so true, so true.

    But I don't think they end work at 5 honestly. Probably about 3 to 4-ish coz they wanna go back home for teatime?

  3. I hope the guy in the pic is not a real soldier. Or else I betul-betul kesian him kena dikembiri like dat. LOL.

  4. Anonymous3:53 am

    I laugh like hell after finish reading the story.


  5. yeah, I'm with siao cha bor...what about women soldiers? Shake what? Shake sifatt?

  6. char bor and simmie,
    women shake their tits lah. draw picture must draw out the intestine meh?

    wingz, please tell linpeh, now got new operation procedure in nigeria. they can hang back two steel balls. so when they shake their balls that time, got "ding dang. ding dang" sound somemore.

  7. Ah pek say use steel balls. lolz. become like the pendelum thingy. can go left and right. Still swinging when you stand still. lolz.

  8. Anonymous12:27 pm

    Jayus : that's the grandfather clock! LOL!

  9. Anonymous12:30 pm

    eh, taht was me. not jayus. wtf.

  10. LOL how true!!

    If Lin Peh lost his balls, then all those rape allegations from half of the countries in SOutheast Asia is not true lor???

  11. Poor ball-less eunuch lin peh still not here to defend himself. I hope he had not stab a sharp knife into his heart because you reveal his real face.

  12. I love thi shit!!! ahahahe... more, more!

  13. ine : they got read blog one meh ?

    twisted : sure anot ? they so eerly go home one ar ? lidat i also wanna go work gomen ledi la!

    scb : shake nehneh laaa

    5xmom : that pic linpeh gimme one lol

    sk : so funny ka ? wanna make donation anot ? kakakaka

    simmie : what else a women can shake wor ... nehneh laa

    ahpek : ya lor kanneh lidat also they wanna ask. balls of steel ? mahai later hujan got lighting will kena strike by thunder one! lol

    jayus is decypher ??

    helen : lost the balls only ... kkc still can use even tho tarak armani kluar lol

    5xmom : ya lo kanneh where he go ledi ?

    maverick : haha wait la ... no idea liow

  14. Anonymous12:53 pm

    i am jayus?


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