24 February 2006

Teenagers Inc. - A TAIL of Enterprising Young Man

Have you ever wonders, How teenagers would run their business? Its not impossible anymore for a teenager to own and run their own businesses these days you know? Let me share my views with you

With the birth of internet in the early 90s and rapid growth of computer ownership, it is now no longer for a teenager to own an online business trading in various kinda products. Have any of you bought anything from such an online portal?

Will you still buy from an online portal or a website after knowing that the website are run by a teenager? no, I am not trying to discriminate them nor to condem. Infact I think its a good thing that teenagers nowadays are so keen with enterprenuership.

I was surfing the web when i got this message from a friend of mine asking me to check this forum out and trust me this is an example of Customer Service at it's BEST!!! So at that point of time I am wondering whether this site/business are ran by a teenager instead of a mature adult. From the way he replied his email I doubt this fler had previously attended any customer service kinda training at all. I mean I never in my life seen such an arrogant reply to a business enquiry my entire life!!!


I was laughing like hell when I first read this, what was on his mind anyway? prolly he got too much business and dont give a damn about miserable USD300 bucks of business? That could be the very reason of it.

Why ? Because I been to the Website mention in that forum! ang guessed what i found ???
I found these :
1. Sony PSP with lotsa freebies being sold at USD140 at that website! (equivalent to around RM522)
2. XBOX 360 with lotsa freebies being sold at USD 200 at that website too! (equivalent to around RM746)
3. Ipod Nano 4GB being sold at USD110 ONLY !!! (equivalent to around RM410)
4. Ipod Video 60GB being sold at USD130 ONLY !!!! (equivalent to around RM484)

Coincidently all these items were also on my Valentine's day wishlist, which means I alredi scout for the latest pricing in around town and lets see how big the differenct

1. Sony PSP being sold at RM1,299 at Sony Malaysia website! (Your Savings if you buy from that website RM777!!)
2. XBOX 360 at RM1,999 in KL (Your Savings if you buy from that website RM1,253!!)
3. Ipod Nano 4GB being sold in Apple KL for RM1,199 !!! (Your Savings if you buy from that website RM843!!)
4. Ipod Video 60GB being sold in Apple KL for RM1,999 !!!! (Your Savings if you buy from that website RM1,515!!)

Wuah!! just imagine la!!! if i were to buy it from them and resell it in KL, WUAH CAN GET RICH MAN!!! keep dreaming la LOL! .... ask u simple question only,You think RM484 can buy you 60GB of RAM (memory) anot ? If knot then how the hell they gonna sell you a 60GB Ipod Video at RM484 ???!! Dont be a fucking sohai ok ? Where got so big toad jumping on the middle of the street one?

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  1. FIRST!!!!

    that one is confirmed scam site. Indon teenager running stupid supplier site.

  2. Shoot the scammer!

  3. it's not the TOAD..
    mch.. how many times i must tell you.. it's FROG....

  4. FOURTH!!!


    Boss, you their taikor ah?

  5. Anonymous6:56 pm

    could be stolen goods....be careful! Almost bought it once till somebody suspended that guy's paypal account.

  6. Anonymous9:01 pm

    mayb 'water' stock izzit? but no warranty..once broken consider ham kar ling...

  7. Anonymous11:21 pm

    Seventh !

    Can! Because iPod Video 60Gig is running on harddisk not memory. RM484 can definitely get a cheapo harddisk. Kakakak...

    I think they can just get a cheap 60Gig harddisk and attach to a video player then put a iPod logo on it mah kau tim loh. Easy!

    Wei, taikor, wanna open online shop or not? We partner!

  8. Yeah! If it is too good to be true, then it probably ain't!~ lol

    I would never ever buy from all these portals... (pssst especially the China mia) I do buy alot of things online but only from reputable companies!

    BTW, you definitely must give them the PR award for their excellent PR!! Two thumbs up!! .... their butt!

  9. Anonymous3:37 am

    1 thumb oledi pain. 2 thumbs start cussing. + 1 more big toe become jelly fish.

    itu mulut tak boleh tutup liao.

  10. good customre servis ! Better than most of our gamoent dept ;-)


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