6 February 2006

Ideal Romantic Gift on Valentine Day - Wingz Can Help Part 1

If you dont know already, you got 7 more days before Valentine day. Have you bought that present yet ? No? Not yet? Why ? If you answer is

1. No Girlfriend ? err ... if you so despo one hor maybe on valentine day you can call the chatline on xx blog la lol or maybe can call for social escort services also. other than that i cant help u much.

2. Just broke off ? get a new one la! after the 1st/last one i m sure you are more SexperiencED already now so getting a new one should be a piece of cake!

3. Dont know what to get her ?? AAAHH!!! this one I very expert!!! WINGZ CAN HELP

You see ...I really understand women one lar, you think I AhBeng no skool one meh?!! I m a one women Beng (I can only handle one woman at a time, if got more than 1 then i need more time LOL!!!) dats why i no go out find wild flower la kakaka....

Anyway, it doesnt matters even if you are very rough construction workers, garbage collector, bouncer, AhLong, a Wimp or cowards this gift will make your girl melt in your hand and you will gerenti get the serbis of the year one !!! gerenti you tomorrow walk kangkang kakaka!!!

Nah here is a list of the gift I compiled for you to choose from, pls read descriptions and choose the one clooset to you girlfriend's character ok ?

Lawyer's Passions
Lawyer's type, can see the resemblence anot ? so if your gf is a lawyer or a judge or studying law or she is fond of playing lawyer and client then this is the right Valentine present for her.
Made of : Natural Hairs pulled from real lawyers.
Price : RM 199.99
FREE : Law & Order XXX version (Uncle Ho's Version)

Fantasy Secret
If your gf dem into anime especially sailormoon and Final Fantasy then this style ngam her. U see got the angel's wings in front anot ? gerenti lu lau bei huet one!!!
Made of : cheap silk from China
Price : RM 89.90
FREE : Final Fantasy XXX Playstation Game

Kinky Furball
This one is this year most top panty, even kennysia coconut also knot tahan if kena attacked by this panty. Multipurpose too! can pull that furball from the main panty and stuff it into your partner's mouth if he/she moans louder than your neighbourhood's loud speaker! Definitely a must buy!
Made of : Furball collected from stray cats
Price : RM 288.88
FREE : BDSM VCD!!! uncle ho's version

Nature's Lover
Floral floral design ngam for nature loving girl, neh those girl who likes to play Jane and Tarzan will definitely fall head over heel for this design. Girl who loves to makeout in the bush also will want it!
Made of : biodegradable coconut fiber
Price : RM 128.88
Free : Insect repellant 150ml

Beach Junky
Strap is TEH IN!!! this year summer collection panty, Japan no.1 best seller! ICHIBAN!!! windy and good air ventilation, gerenti your gf's KUEH wont busuk one! dry dry most of the time LOL!!!
Made of : Non woven Tisu paper
Price : RM88.88
Free : Banana bot Suntan Lotion (100ml)

Little Girl on the Prairie
If you have been fantasizing about the country side in a farm, in the wilderness then this one ngam you! if your gf wear this and run got this piew piew yuen/ high high dei mia feeling wan, run abit longer gerenti water liew liew ledi. Extremely sexy! looks good on mature ladies too!
Made of : Alfafa's Fiber
Price : RM 99.88
Free : Fresh Prairie air freshener (500ml)

Quickie Fun
This design very convienient, nicknake 7-11 24/7 also easy access!! be it in the car, in a plane, behind the bushes, in Zouk's toilet all it take is to pull the 2 string located at the side only and viola! u have full access liow! Just make sure u dont let someone else to pull the string la
Made of : Cheap cotton from Bangla
Price : RM48.89
Free : 7-11 Condom (6's pack)

Boxer's Delight
This one is specially made for those girl with passion for boxing, you know Mike Tyson kinda thingy. Windy and great air ventilation prevent your gf's kueh from frementation so it will always smells great!
Made of : Satam's beard
Price : RM1488.00 (why so expensive ? how many panty can satam make with his beard ??)
: a Pair of glow-in-the-dark Boxing gloves (pink kaler)

*kena break this into 2 part bcoz I still havent receive some of the latest design yet, tomlo will post more new design once i gedit - stay tuned!!! *

All the above panty does not comes with that pair of legs, if you want legs u kena get your own pair! we selling panty only and its not necesarry to buy 1 pair only, we understand most of the guys have more than 1 girlfriend one, We know economy is bad and its ok to diversify abit KAKAKA!!!!

If you like to purchase the items mentioned above please email me your 16 digits credit card number together with your 3 digits security pin, I promise i wont run to Thailand and hide one with all that money I will goto Amadika and hide kakakaka!!!

Faster kam buy before stock run out!!!! FASTER!!!!


  1. The designs are ugly lah...
    Tak sexy pun...

  2. the one, "nature lover" for girls without hair only ah? i like that one, but my kai kar poh got lots of hair wor. but never mind. since you my bradder, i order 3 pair.
    please send one pair to auntie lilian, one pair to helen and one pair to siao char bor.

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. wingz, if I promise to go on diet, shave my hair legs and somewhere in between, will you hire me as one of your models. I think I will look good in them! Gurantee to boost sales kekeke....

  5. my eyes! i can't see anymore! I've gone blind after all those pussies!

  6. pussy....wah... miao miao come...

  7. Sorry Ah Pek! XXXL size for Helen no stock.Try this site, http://www.loin-cloth.com

    Wingz, now business so bad that you forced to divert into kinky business ah?

  8. You forget put 18sx again. lolz.
    Your gifts all lingerine ler. Got other stuff? lolz.

  9. Tan Sri get me Boxer delight !

    Will ask her do Thai boxing so when she do kicking easy for her and easy for my eyes

    oso good for year of doggie lei

  10. Eh, i dont get the yellow colored one. with the string cutting all the way there, so uncomfortable leh. moreover, i have to trim my bush in order for that patch to cover..... wtf????

  11. uvery sexy lor...
    i like the purple 1nice woh!!!!!

    wingz ! if you sell ger ling-gerring then you must sell man-gerring lor?
    ha? you dont know wat man-gerring?

    man brief la...

    baru la macth up with their couple lor... that more fun....

  12. i order 3 pair.
    please send one pair to auntie lilian, one pair to helen and one pair to siao char bor.

    I almost fell off my chair. LOL. Ahpek, you give only hor, we no need to service back hor? I sked you tak boleh tahan three parangs or even worse, foursome.

  13. Thank you Ah Pek..... tomorrow first thing go sundry shop buy razor blade to trim sikit. lol

    Cocka - never mind if it doesn't fit. This panty is just for show... it's coming off anyway..

    Wingz - why guys so mar fan.... just go Poh Kong and buy her a diamond ring for Valentine lar....

  14. n305er : what design ???

    5chanyoke : hahahaha

    ahpek : u paying cash, card or collect ?

    mahagurusia : your legs ??!!! i dint know u like to crossdress at nite one wor lol

    wuching : taikor wear sunglasses laaa

    kennylee : control brader control!!! look at the panty! not anything beyond that!!!

    cocka : mahai i really goan try http://www.loin-cloth.com cibai no such website la!!! thot i can masuk some stock tim!

    jayus : seluar dalam also need to put 18sx mehhhhh

    9394 : ok! latuk lu mia pasal i kasi free KY jelly also!! eh .. u buy for urself or for who one ar ? LOL!

    samm : u buy one from me then you put it on then u tell us comfy anot lerrr ok anot ??? lol if u derno how to trim then i throw in personal trimming session just for yew!!!! how ? leng mou ? lol

    scb : ahpek notchet pay me laaa how ? wanna send anot ?

    5xmom : dont worry ahpek got tongkat ohkau !!! very powderfool wan!

    helen : eleh buy diamond ring we sitpun leh ... nothing to see also but if buy panty sure at least also can cuci mata abit lol!!!

  15. Anonymous2:31 am

    Can I order the model instead of lingeries? Model satu berapa duit?

  16. This is damn good post! You got balls to post this in blogger.

  17. Cuci mata?? yeah... the postman. lol

  18. Re to Jayus' comment:
    I think no need to put 18sx cos this whole blog also 18sx material la..

  19. Oh My Apek.....you are kinky!


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