28 February 2006

When Ahbeng Meet Ahlian at Senior Citizen Party

Anyone heard petrol price gonna increase today? Real anot one ar ? 30sen a liter wor I heard! Anyone can confirm this?

Ahbeng is 68 and still very "ABLE" meanwhile Ahlian is 58, they both meet each other at this party for senior citizen held by M.C.A. Ahbeng danced with Ahlian and later they exchanged phone numbers.

A few days later Ahbeng asked Ahlian out for a date, Ahbeng wanna bring Ahlian go picnic at the riverside. On that day Ahbeng pick Ahlian up and drive him to his boat, Ahbeng unload everything into his boat and start their journey up the river.

Then when Ahbeng come to a river branch Ahbeng asked Ahlian "up or down?" Suddenly this Ahlian take off her shirt and bra and pants then start to make passionate love to Ahbeng on the boat. Ahbeng of coz dem enjoy this la! Can consider his best fark of in years also ... but he also abit suprised why Ahlian suddenly so daring one....

After that both of them went pinicking on the river bank they had a great day.

A few days later Ahbeng abit gatal liow, so he called Ahlian and asked her out for picnic again and without hesitation Ahlian said yes. So Ahbeng go pick Ahlian up and drive to the boat as usual, not long after the embarked on their journey Ahbeng come to a river branch again, Ahbeng being a hamsup as he is, asked Ahlian the same question again thinking that he would get laid after that.

Ahbeng "up or down?" but this time Ahlian said "up" ....
was quite shocked that Ahlian did not response like she did the other day. Not giving up Ahbeng asked the same question over and over again everytime they reached a river branch and Ahlian still no "action" yet, till at one point Ahbeng Beh tahan ledi.

Ahbeng : Why today you so cool ?
Ahlian : Where got cool ?
Ahbeng : That day when i asked u "up or down" you immediately made love to me but today I asked you so many times ledi you still not yet make a move .....
Ahlian : Aiyah!!! solilar! that day hor my hearing aid low battery la! So, when you asked me up or down I thought you are asking me to choose between "FARK or DROWN"



  1. yalar
    i also will choose fark

  2. Anonymous9:14 am

    Ho ho ho! Nya geh hum sip siao fa jin heh ngam ngai tarng! Jung yiu mau? Dor chia, Dor chia!

    Hakka liang moi

  3. HUH? Wat did ya say sonny? My pants is down??

  4. Hahahahahahahaha...


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