17 February 2006

Sabye Sabye Canto Pop Version (18sx & NSFW)

If you are as tulan as me now this song will really help you! better than any anti depressant in the world!!! rovided you understand Cantonese laaa. If not because of this song I think I kena stroke ledi!

18SX and NSFW (Not Safe For Work) Post!!!
May offend some, reader's own judgement adviced. Proceed under own risk!
Heard this for the 1st time in Cocka's blog buden his bandwidth habis ledi then I ask from Latuk Linpeh the mp3 for this song.

Actually this song is about "Sab Bai" in canto means "10 times", the whole story this woman is telling us how she was shagged 10 times that nite (or something lidat la) fulla details describing how it happened, where i thappen (she even mentioned fark till carpet also all wet LMAO!!!) etc .. etc ... bladee farking funny!!!

I looking for someone to translate this for me ... any volunteer ? *looks at crazzygrrl*

For those without appropriate plugin or if you cant see the embeded player on this post then please click on this --> LINK


Audio: Sabye Sabye Canto Pop Version (18sx & NSFW)
by wingz1


  1. Can translate ah? :P

  2. where isit ar?? I cant find it geh??!! isit i ard crazy??!!

  3. This morning when I visited Cocka blog, that song came blasting full volume. (I had listened to CD and forgot to turn down)

    I could've die there coz my father was there having breakfast. In panic, dun know how to turn off volumne liao! Now, came to your blog, and the same thing happen!! My father was having evening tea!

    Aiyah, next time give ppl the option to click play lar!! Damn dangerous, man! lol

  4. Oi! Rojakz! Don't forget my royalty leh! Afturds I sue kau you. LOL
    Actually I had this song posted along with my Valentine's post on Feb13th.
    Now only you heard meh?

    Go ahead and host it.It's good to spread some humor around, yeah!
    I think I'm competing with podcast now. LOL

  5. So Helen, did your dad siew tho lat fu and asked you to turn up the volume?

  6. LOL, health hazard. Lucky my kids dun understand Canto.

  7. this small matter only, i have full collection of these songs.

  8. cannot find it :S

    u are not joking when u told me u pau huet kun hor?

  9. cocka - I dare not even look at him!! So, embarassing... old man and me not very close.

  10. I think I wanna show this to my boss. Release stress ...

  11. can only understand bout 40% of the song. lol

  12. Anonymous8:58 pm

    why i langsung dun hear a thing?? mm..mayb i dunno where.. any one can tell me where to listen??? :(

  13. wakakaka..hear also i stem

    I like this part:-

    Kiss and Lick
    Poke until carpet all wet
    Don’t cum so fast, Don’t be shy
    Let you stamp I feel so high
    That my pieces so shoik fast
    Tonight let you poke until turn over

    Tiu Nia Sing Wingzzz

  15. Dude you gotta send me the song man muahahahahahaha

  16. n305er : translate into what ? english ar ??? wuah susah leh

    youngbrat : i think you borwser missing some plugin ler click on the "link" i put up in the post

    helen : dunno why that stupid place that hosting this file one tarak give ppl option, terus auto start knn!

    cocka : oi farker!! install msn laa

    5xmom : come come uncle give tuition canto FOC lol

    kennylee : share your collection laaa

    lmf : your browser also missing some plugins

    moz : kakaka makai i told u ledi not safe for work! later u kena fire dont come find me !!

    crazygrrl : u come my houz i explain to u showly can even show u physically also! lol

    blurrgirl : your browser punya problem but u can click on the link to hear it one also

    9394 : kaka thanks for the song wei! got anymore anot?

    inevitable : stim lehh lol

    malcolm : can !!! gimme email la

  17. Get wennie (Ah Kiu) to do. Last time she my languange dilektor for the gong xi gong xi projeck. She daman terra wan, can do the pinyin damn gao fast wan.

  18. At last i can hear that song ard..


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