7 February 2006

Valentine's Day Gift - Part II

Continuation of Part I

Faster place your order now!!! ship the next day !!! 30 days money bek gerenti!!! no risk !!! wear ledi also still can return as long as no sperm stain/mark onnit!!!

ahpek order 3 ledi, 9394 also ordered 1 ..... stock running low!!! faster order !!!

Lacey Stacey
This panty is an ideal gift for homemakers/housewives. Made entirely out of lace this panty are design based on the curtain principles. Very ergonomic and user friendly. A favourite among homemakers!
Made of : Old Curtains Lace
Price : RM8.99
Free : Sewing set

Pandan Kueh Kapit
Inline with the CNY celebration Rojaks fashion Inc. came out with this Panda kuih kapit shapre panty. ngam for those with gf whois crazy about CNY celebration one. Smells like kuih kapit and even taste like one too!!
Made of : Pandan Kuih Kapit
Price : RM22.00 / 100 pcs
Free : Tin Milo Kosong

This panty were designed with muncher in mind, we understand that sometime u got tired of muching on the carpet and gets some strands of pubic hair stuck between your teeth so we make this panty out of sotong strips. you see the dangling strips there ? those are edible .... so when u got tired of munching in carpets try chewing on the sotong strips for a change!!
Made of : Beef flavoured Sotong Strips
Price : RM9.99 per 100 gram
Free : Toothpick (100 pcs)

Wood Ear
You dunno what is wood ear ? wood ear is *muk yue*! in malay that is Telinga Kayu! yea its some kinda fungus/mushroom. We made this Muk Yue panty also because we are still in CNY mood, ppl say Muk Yue good omen and will bring good luck not to mention good texture too! definitely a must buy for those who are in businesses.
Made of : Muk Yue
Price : RM13.88/ 100 grams
Free : Lam yue (preserved fremented tofu)

Chicago Downtown
Why this name ? you mean you dunno Chicago is also dubbed as the windy city ? they got twin tower there too your know? so between the 2 towers in the middle very windy one mah! we use the same concept to design this panty! Wear ledi very windy down there very hot up there LOL!
Made of : Recycled newspaper
Price : Please call for more details
Free : Artline Marker!

All the above panty does not comes with that pair of legs, if you want legs u kena get your own pair! we selling panty only and its not necesarry to buy 1 pair only, we understand most of the guys have more than 1 girlfriend one, We know economy is bad and its ok to diversify abit KAKAKA!!!!

If you like to purchase the items mentioned above please email me your 16 digits credit card number together with your 3 digits security pin, I promise i wont run to Thailand and hide one with all that money I will goto Amadika and hide kakakaka!!!

Faster kam buy before stock run out!!!! FASTER!!!!


  1. LO-FREAKING-L... What a great way to start my day. Wahhahahah.. Gong Xi Gong Xi to you too!!!

  2. yes, gimme more, gimme more!

  3. hehehheheh...

    *still cannot stop laughing ler*

  4. aiyah, bradder. yesterday i forgot. please e-mel the invoice. after they all receive their goods already, i e-mel you the cheque.

  5. ahpek - ask Wingz to give you satisfaction guaranteed chop or dirty panty back. LOL.

  6. After all you women worn them, sell it to me as stained panties. I want to re-export them to japan and make a killing!

    There should be 3 categories i.e. minor soiled, soiled, and super-soiled.

  7. Wingz - make sure you deliver to me by UPS. (US survey said UPS delivery men are the sexiest of the lot... local punya postman tak pass...) Panty official opening on Valentine night.

  8. woah pianggggggg eh!!!! lau nuah. Still got stock boh? Got bohhh??? Want to buy one for my lau phor.

  9. gif me more, c'mon, i want more, more, oh yes, more

    ah pek ah, can buy me two ka? in case one shred into pieces, then have another piece for standby la

  10. WA LAU EH!...
    still more ah?
    i wan change my order 1 can ar?
    if canot then i add my order lor....
    got part 3 or not?

    btw u got 2nd hand woh?
    if got make sure who the model wear it ok?
    if 5xmon or helen... reject it ok!
    ka ka ka ka
    (laugh till roll on the floor)

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  12. mahagurusia says: Panties not best thing on earth! But next to best thing on earth.

  13. Wow! Freaking kinky.....so many panties! LOL.......


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