1 March 2006

On RM4 Billion Saved, Someone Can Buy Lotsa New Painting Ledi !!!

Since when MAS is considered part of our public transportation ar ? Ok la lets take it that MAS is indeed our public transportation la, then how come public transportation is more expensive than AIR ASIA?? STRANGE ANOT!!!!??

An airline statement said the company needs 4 billion ringgit (US$1.07 billion; euro898 million) this year to tide over the airline's cash crisis.

Idris said the airline raised 1 billion ringgit (US$269 million; euro224 million) through short term borrowing, and will get another 800 million ringgit to 1 billion ringgit (US$215 million; euro179 million to US$269 million; euro224 million) by selling the airline's headquarters, a high-rise in downtown Kuala Lumpur.

Idris said MAS will seek government assistance for the remaining money. He said he is hopeful of producing a 500 million ringgit (US$134.7 million; euro112.4 million) profit in 2008.


There goes your money!!! This is the public transportation they mean lar!!! not MRR2 or LRT or Monorail or buses, sorry to say that you all ter-perasanED ledi !!!

Looks like someone can buy lotsa new paintings ledi !!! HOORAY!!! Can hang till wall also run outta space!!! SEE WHAT SEE? BLOW AR ?!!

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  1. Fact: It was reported that SIA is one of the most profitable airline in asia.
    Note: SIA also has malaysians working there as well.
    So why is SIA making money and MAS is not? It simple, all they have to do is put in the 'right' calibre of ppl!
    As long as they are keeping the old team and not retrenching those deadwood, one can expect them to make more loses.

  2. cocka : BINGO!!! but guessed who didnt see that kambing ? LMAO!! u got any paintings up for sale anot? its a goos time to kontek them (if u know what im saying).

  3. Anonymous2:02 pm

    I'm know the cheapest way to save MAS : Ask bin laden to get his people to drive car(with extra bonus) into corrupted MAS mangement home.

  4. Moo_t...you bintai wan. ..but I like your idea. Muahahahahaha

  5. Anonymous2:18 pm

    hahaha ngam lor this one...

    that's why in newspaper, PM said we must SACRIFICE lol..

    moo_t: later your idea make the rakyat suffer more laaa..

  6. Quickly call Lin Peh. He draw nice lobster painting before on his blog. Check it out!

  7. sampai sklang tadak habis celita kah lu. satu kali saja naik mah. 3 kali mau post meh? suma olang pun surupa susah lah..cakap libik pun tadak guna.

  8. ai meh.... ai fatt lan char meh.....

  9. Got extra painting can use to decorate the space shuttle where our astronaut will get his teh tarik and roti canai.

  10. everybody knows the managment eat money until dalam berlubang-lubang...still wanna ask gahmen for help?!

  11. Anonymous8:57 pm

    ya lah.... betul betul
    ini memang MAS
    "mana ada sistem"


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