10 March 2006

Linpeh go for Pension Fund

Today I wanna share with you all a secret about Linpeh, he is actually an American. Yea you can check with him if you dont belif me. There is another thing about him, he is nearly 60 year old alredi!

That day me n him went yum char, he told me how he went to Social Welfare Office in Amadika to apply for Old Age Pension. A Woman attended to him.

Linpeh : I wanna apply for Old Age Pension
Woman : May I see your driving lisence ?
Linpeh : *Search search search* OMG! I left my wallet at home!! I m sorry I will go home to get my wallet now
Woman : Sir, come back here, you dont hafta go back for your wallet.
Linpeh : But i have no prove of my age.
Woman : Its ok, Just unbutton your shirt.

*Linpeh do as told by the Woman unbuttoning his shirt and revealed his chest hair*

Woman : that silver hair on your chest is enuff prove for me. Here, take this form fill it up and pass it back to me ok?
Linpeh : OK thank you

*While Linpeh filling up the form he saw this pamplet in on the desk right in front of him "Old Disability Pension Paying USD300 a week!" He thot to himself "WOW! my old age pension only paying USD120 a week, thats USD180 lesser than Old Disability Pension!"
Suddenly Linpeh got this evil plan on his mind, he lift himself up and walks towards the lady who gave him the form just now"

Linpeh : Excuse me miss, I changed my mind I want to apply to Old Disability Pension, can you give me the form please ?
Woman : I m sorry sir, I cant give you the form for Old Disability Pension Unless you can prove that you are indeed a disabled person.
Linpeh : Yes I will prove to you

*Linpeh dropped his pants.*

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Linpeh : SEE?!!! now gimme that form!

Disability : Impotent and Small kkc is also a kind of diability you know ? lol


  1. KNNBCCB!told u don't tell peeple u go and post ! not pretty la ! :-(

  2. wahahahaha!!!! mahai, what hv u 2 been doing??? backside sudah turn ah?

  3. Hahahaz. Did Lin Peh get the USD 300 per week pension?

  4. wakakaka... it's hilarious!

  5. Anonymous11:49 am

    lol.... macam tu pun boleh kah. :p


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