15 March 2006

Latest Innovation from Nissan : Independant Front Suspension Watch How it Works Here!

My regular Porn Pusher is kambing to KL!! who wanna meet him hands up!!!

Great News for Cars Enthusiasts, especially for PAULTAN.ORGy fans and readers.

Ladies and Gentlemen and Cars Fans all around the world! May I present to you THE ALL NEW! NISSAN PATHFINDER with FRONT INDEPENDENT SUSPENSION!!!!

This sophisticated suspension system are the results of 5 years rapid R&D in Nissan's Suspension department.

Nissan Pathfinder with NEW Independent Front Suspension.

To understand how this INDEPENDENT FRONT SUSPENSION works, we already prepared a short video clip that will demo to all you guys to see the differences.

For smooth playback experience, we advise viewers to pause the video while it loads and start playing only after it finished loading.

How? the suspension CHUN anot? got bounce till you nose bleed anot ? HAHAHA!!!!

ps: Video courtesy of my regular Porn Pusher

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  1. Anonymous4:31 pm

    One !!!111onesatuichiyatwennek

    It's more like you playing with your balls...

  2. Anonymous5:20 pm

    Oi! Stop pulling people's bra straps lar! Wait... Was that Arnold Susahnakkerja?

  3. wait wait.. don't distract me! I'm watching the video again!

  4. remind me of the dance..1, 2 cha cha cha... LOL

  5. that car suspension NO GOOD 1

    it will distrack the driver eye from the ROAD!........
    the driver will not concentrated the eye at road!

    geez no wonder our paul-liz (police la!) keep OPS SIKAP every year....

  6. pisang goreng....this effect only applicable to kuai mooi. Our local 'washboard so flat' those girls where can bounce until like dat?

  7. bryan : mch why you play with your balls lidat ??!!!!

    doc : lol that one is armold susahmaunaik la

    boss stewie : got lau bei huet anot ?

    surfnux : bro the suspension mia pasal la .. indepedent front suspension mah

    cynthia : Char char char is waht we guys wanna do after watching that video lol

    scb : cock where got eyes one ?

    pisang : who said no good? bryan said can have the same effect on your balls too

    cocka : eh local also got papaya tree also la not all washboard lol


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