20 March 2006

Can or Naut ? - Linpeh Wordless Post


  1. Anonymous4:35 pm

    While dumbass Mawi and Siti dream on going to space, Lim Kit Siang has already launched his rocket into space to explore other constituents which can give him a bigger mandate. Interestingly, Sami Vellu snuck on board with a vision to put a toll booth in space to collect toll from the orbitting satellites via SmartTag.

  2. I just want to drop by and say hi... don't want to guess again!

    Wait, just the last one maybe...... someone is going down the 18 levels??

  3. PutraJaya.....we have a problem!

  4. Mawi Can ... fantasies the moon
    Siti also Can ...singalong to space

    Kit is Not ...able to influence that far

    Sam Cannot fall; if he did ... it's deep down hell, not up the moon.

  5. damn lazy to guess now... now my processor like 386 only...

  6. sami declares that Malaysian company is given award to build a new bridge in the moon and he will collect the toll himself

  7. i blur blur, mind telling what u trying to express?

  8. mawi and siti can sing...:
    "i belive i can fly"
    "i belive i can touch the sky"
    in hokkien version
    "wa siong sin wa eh phueh"
    "wa siong sin wa eh thong thee teng"

    kit siang :no need worry! they oledi got their own rocket..

    semi value: i think he blame god that create gravity if anything FAILED!


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