21 March 2006

Latest Food Trend : An Emperor's Meal (18Sx & NSFW)

There is this kinky food/restaurant concept (not in Malaysia of course!) that uses human as serving plate ... drools ~~ Pics below!

WARNING : 18Sx, Not save from work! Contains human flesh! (no obscene parts tho!) so if you are uncomfrotable with sexy girls please leave now. Others proceed under own risk!

There is no table, just food on flesh both also edible!! *drools*

Take your pick!!! I bet Linpeh would love this one!

Yum yum! oiishi neh!!!!

Half way eating you can change plate too!! I like this plate better! *drools*

Even Gwailo eat ledi also liam-liam tongue!

I bet Linpeh, 9393 and cocka would like to be seen in this restaurant ... i dont blame them pls bring me along !!!!

Many thanks to 9393 for the images

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  1. Oneoneoneoneone

    Oysters leh? Got ah?

  2. it's a trend in some New York restaurants.

    I keep thinking...won't be food be warm after a while?? Ewww...warm sushi and sashimi! Blearghhhh!

    I hope those girls showered before food were put on them.

  3. i was told that there is a male version too......but since there isn't too much to cover, the food must be quite limited. post the guy version too lah.

    but as simmie say, ugghhh! hot sushi and sashimi sounds quite disgusting. by the way, the girl in the last photo looked damn bored. quite a turn off lah.

  4. auntie,
    no oysters, but got one big see hum i think!

  5. Anonymous4:27 pm

    wahahahah!!! big see hum!! he..he..

  6. mslenglui - Got male one? Pic pic pic. And I suppose they serves sausages on him? Yummm

    ahpek - what la, see hum so icky. abalone too chewy. oysters better

  7. This was very popular in Manila some years back when I went there ...

  8. Lose appetitie liao... see hum not fresh...

  9. Anonymous12:26 am

    gee....THANKS TO WINGZ and 9393
    that was indeed very informative !!!

    kl gal

  10. mslenglui: if got guy version, the kuku can be decorated as a coconut tree! LOL!

  11. wingz! this are old picture oledi.... i know it long time a go...

    if you guys go for this meal don't try to pick "grapes" it whould'nt come out
    muah ha ha ha ha

  12. Anonymous4:50 pm

    ooh.. this one ar? saw it on .. csi i think. good 'tactic' to kill a hamsap guy. the girl acting as the 'dinner plate' applied japanese fugu poison on her red-painted toe nails. then the hamsap guy (or was it tat lesbian woman) go suck on it, die lor... :D

    hmm mayb i can start one in melb


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