31 March 2006

Korean Clock Fixer that CANT Pronounce the Word Clock!

No sign of the flu going away!!! ARGHHH!!!!

A bunch of wankers eat full ledi nothin better to do decided to call a poor Korean lady and make fun of her Yingrish! Mahai!! bully us asian lar !!! I wanna hear those blardee stupid yingrish ppl tok canto or mandarin, then i luff 9 them kaw kaw one!!!

Anyway, the whole thing still farking hillarious ok? the way the tricked the korean lady to mention those words they want him to say, you gotta hear it to get the joke yourself.

The Korean Clock Fixer That Cant Pronounce the word "Clock"

If you dont see any embeded player then you prolly missing some plugins, fear not! you can go directly to the audio file HERE

Audio file courtesy of Lenglui Shiryen telimakasi!!!


  1. Actually hor, I was passing by this roadshow by Honda to promote their Civic. Niamah, they have the sexy girl in skimpy dress talking. I don't get a word of English she said. So, I ask my son one by one if they can tell me one single word she said. None of them can. Tiu lor, cannot speak Inglik somore wank to tok wor. Memperxia-xuey kan Civic oni.

  2. hell yea it's funnyy..

    Important note: he is calling me leng lui cos when i emailed him the audio he dunno who i am .. *sien..

  3. Anonymous5:32 pm


  4. Anonymous5:44 pm

    OMG, this is so wrong ! ROFLMAO...

  5. I've listened to this a couple of weeks ago. aiseh... damn bad... heheh!

  6. LOL!! she has over 100 cocks!!

  7. i.... i..... LOL
    MUAH HA HA HA HA.....

    this sure damn funny.....
    luckly that korean lady did'nt say
    'kam suck me' in korean...
    other wise that DJ will be get a heart attack!


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