26 March 2006

Weekend Pics - Eat All You Can!

Jogoya has always been my regular Eat-All-You-Can Buffet Restaurant, Discovered Jogoya during Chinese New Year and been going there like twice a month eversince. These Pics were taken last week, after so many bloggers post pics on Jogoya I figured I'll have mine post too, unfortunately halfway down the meal the camera ran outta battery DUH!

Jogoya originated from Taiwan, brought over by the owner. Located on Star Hill on Relish Floor (nope the dont call their floors by numbers instead they give each floor a weird name, weird huh?) Jogoya Restaurant is actually a buffet place serving err ..... i dont think i can finish naming them but just to name a few of my favourites. Crabs, prawns, scallops, oysters, chinese dumplings, sashimi, sushi, fish, tempura, teppanyaki, grill stuffs and thats just a part of it. You gotta go there yourself to see the vast selection of food you can order.

They are having promotion till the end of March'06 (a few more days to go) Buffet dinner at RM79++ (RM89nett).

If you happened to be around the neighbourhood and you love good food then definitely must go here! No say I No Tell you!!!

Those who want more infos please feel free to get in touch with me at rojaks.wingz@gmail.com

Jogoya (Tel: 31421268) Star Hill
Japanese buffet promotion - MYR 78 per head,
till end of March.

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Scallops *Slurps*

The Alcohol Gel mini cooking stove for u to play masak-masak

Mini Steel Pot on the stove

VIP room (come complete with Butler)

Gigantic Bamboo Clam

You Drop This Clip at a Bowl they provide and they will bring u the food you ordered.

Table/Room Number on the Clip


The Lights in the VIP Room

Jogoya Entrance

The Table

Jogoya Entrace with Different Cam setting

Star Hill

Star Hill

Star Hill

Jogoya Payment Counter, Pay B4 You Eat!
Star Hill


  1. what is that greyish thing on the 5th pic??? Looks geli lerrr

  2. when u going to belanja Lin Peh ?

  3. SIMMIE was right what are those thing?????......

    btw no wonder your camera ran out of juice... you take that useless picture outside jogoya restaurent..

    muah ha ha ha ha

  4. except for the ambience, which is yat lau i still think it is expensive. if 10 of us fork out 80 bucks, we can nearly have an emperor's feast in PD oredi.

  5. simmie : those are bamboo clams (juk tharn in canto)

    linpeh : makai yesday i blanja u ledi wat ??

    ahpek : but can eat balik modal one wat? but you kena hantam those expensive stuffs only la lol!

  6. if that is bamboo clam, they r HUGE.....wow....sashimi style ? wonderful...

  7. Haiyo, can at least type a few words can anot? I oso stare at that grey thing and thot it is your finger nail or something.

  8. haha..I oso wondered what the grey thing was.
    I meaning to check out Starhill since its refurbishment but never had a chance yet.
    The place looks good and sounds nice. Next bloggers' meet there?

  9. wuah! tau keh wingz eat at high high classy restoran hor!

  10. wah, jogoya is considered upper class buffet restaurant here in taiwan, while the normal all you can eat steamboat fare cost around 400 NT dollars for 2 hours, which i already considered it quite high class, jogoya can go up to 1000NT dollars for also 2 hours, with taxes and stuff added in. i think the stuff are same to those in malaysia branch, RM89 is good deal since all food stuff are real high quality, especially the ice cream. my friend told me every scoop is more expensive than what you can found at Baskin-Robbins.

  11. Wah, wingz you own that place ah?

  12. andy: 1000NT equivalent to how much RM huh ?

  13. u belanja linpeh oredi but haven't belanja me yet!!! so when ah? :P

  14. tan kiu veli much for telling us.....but why so late har? 31st promotion finish...now already 27th....not free to go until weekend lah. how? you pay for the $10 difference, can ah? you lah, tell us so late lah! now must wait until can save up another $10 before can go.

  15. May : for you anytime la!! *sings* right here waiting for lu~~~

    Lenglui : Malaysian mah! if i tell you 2 months ago u will also wait till last minit only go wan ler, but u dun bluff la I know u been there b4 bcoz i dint tell u they will charge 10 bucks extra after the promotional period also! :P

  16. KNN, now oli i know ini lojak bladdy 48 Kaya lo!!! (being like going there Twice a Month!!) me poor pelple 1 time pun notyet go oh.

    wat la, showing alll the not LaKang pics... beter not show la.

  17. no lah..i thought your $79++ ($89nett) in bold red means $10 increase after promotional period mah.


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