13 March 2006

Linpeh DIY Post, You Build Half I build Half la!

As usual, please make your own story in the comments thanks!


  1. Johor gonna have a halfway bridge to sillypore, the other half, you gotta swim!

  2. Half curve and half straight leads you to the water.

  3. 6 persons fell into the sea while looking at scenery on the scenic bridge from JB to Kiasuland..

  4. picture 1:
    will johore bahru be next capital of malaysia?.....

    picture 2:
    the new curve bridge if you travel in 240km/h and take that curve in 180km/h it can create ...err not so sure i think 5G or 9G said that fler to PM

    picture 3:
    a superthyphoon will travel to north and will hit SIN-pore 1st these the critical area....(no logic lor)
    ark-kar-li-pah(al-qedah)will strike this area..

    picture 4:
    paul tan,alex allied,jxt2j,lin peh,wingz and wh? when to swimming in giant kiddies pool in morning
    the water is so... cool.everyone are so happy, then suddenly wingz give a thumb up and say "good 1 the water so WARM here."
    (muah ha ha ha ha)


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