27 March 2006

Girl With Big Boobies Dancing on the Street!

This Video Farkingly Funny, bout a SEXY MAMAMIA dacing on the street shaking her BOOBies! Highly recomended by cocka! [Filler Post]

WARNING : Girls! Dont do this at home! These actors are trained professional! You might hurt yourself if you try this act on your own! If you die die wanna try also, then call me first! I teach you step by step! LMAO!

HAHAHAHA!!!! BIG ANOT!!! Big till can stretch to her back also!!!

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  1. seen this b4 in local cinema =)

  2. u oso din gibe number.. how those girls who wanna do it call u?? LOL

  3. litsen to that song carefully...
    it can make MILK SHAKE at inside....

    muah ha ha ha ha

  4. It's from Date Movie! I think it will be showing in local cinemas soon, with lotsa censorship of course (there's a sexy half naked girl-ngam for you Rojak!)

  5. I wanna mum mum milkie....

    *says Rojakz

  6. kakakakakakakakakakakaka. next time i dance, better make sure wear extra support bra..or better still - steel bra.


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