29 March 2006

April Fool's Prank : Chinese Food Takeaway!

I forgot who sent me this video but its sure is HILLARIOUS! Its abit cruel tho but still farking HILLARIOUS!! I thought since April Fool's is around the corner a little prank wont hurt anyone will it? listen to the video or rather conversation very carefully!

I think this clip of audio is taken from a UK's Radio show, They are playing this April Fool's prank on 2 chinese takeaway restaurant.

First the guy called a chinese takeaway to order his food then, he called ANOTHER chinese takeaway to have the 1st chinese takeaway to repeat the order to the 2nd chinese takeaway. The 2nd chinese takeaway will think the 1st guy is actually ordering chinese takeaway!!!

Dont understand wtf i m toking bout? dont worry neither do I LOL! anyway you are in luck! listen to the video below and you will understand! This would make a very funny April fool's prank!!! anyone for it???

Chinese Takeaway April Fool's Prank

If your browser is not showing any video, then you can try this direct link HERE


  1. WAH LEW. Celaka punya DJ. LOL.

  2. Anonymous6:15 am


  3. if here means, all the ccb, knn, tnm all come out oredi.

  4. LOL..Like dat they can think of. The best part is 'pickup the delivery'.

  5. LOL, must try this some days

  6. LOL...ah pek is right!

  7. Damm funny, they r so mean!


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