23 March 2006

Ahbeng Looking for Wife

This is a story about Ahbeng in search of a wife with the help of his mother, Ahkew. One day Ahbeng's mother bring home 3 pretty girls and introduce to Ahbeng.
The 3 pretty girls name and occupation :
1.) Ahuey - Telephonist
2.) Ahmoi - Primary Skool Teacher
3.) Ahlian - Bus Conductor

Ahbeng very sexcited lar of course then after a while of chatting with the girls his mother asked him.

Ahkew : Ahbeng, how ? Which one you like the most ?
Ahbeng : I like Ahlian the most
Ahkew : Aiyoh bus conductor only wor! where got future wan? Ahmoi not bad leh! gomen work you know? good benefit, next time your children wanna goto skool also easy
Ahbeng : Ahmah dunwan laaa!!
Ahkew : Why dunwan?
Ahbeng : bcoz skool teacher they love to say "PLEASE REPEAT!! DO AGAIN!!! I Want it done 10 times...SOME MORE, SOME MORE!" Like this very tiring everynite I can die one ahmah!
Ahkew : aiyoo!!! then Ahuey lar! at least she is better than Ahlian
Ahbeng : Dunwan also! ahmah, she is telephonist la! they love to say "WAIT A MINIT! PLEASE HOLD ON!" dem potong stim lidat ahmah where got mood to make baby la?
Ahkew : Aiyoyo!!! then what u like about Ahlian so much? bus conductor only wor!!! Where got future one ?
Ahbeng : Ahmah you dunno wan la ... I always take mini bus to KL, those women bus conductor always say "BANG! MASUK BELAKANG!!! MASUK DALAM SIKIT!!! DALAM ADA TEMPAT!!! MASUK MASUK!!!" (in yingrish it means "go in behind, go deep inside! go deeper some more! inside still got place! deeper! deeper!!!) everytime they say lidat i also very sexcited one !!!!


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  1. correct..i angkat kaki dan tangan setuju..

    'Masuk dalam sikit'

  2. Eh nanti Ah Lian says, ada tiket? tadak tiket, tak boleh masuk' and you every nite must pay, lagi teruk wei.

  3. bus conductor dun play 'brokeback moutain'lah..ekkekek

  4. if i means, i will marry the ice cream seller's daughter. for every night she will say, "i want to suck it!"
    don believe me? ask cocka.
    he wants to marry the mechanics daughter, for :
    he can screw,
    she can screw.
    they can screw together,
    early in the morning,
    late at night,
    screwing one another!

  5. If a were
    a bachelor
    if a were to marry
    I would marry a farmer's daughter
    more than any lassie

    so she can dig
    I can dig
    we can dig together
    waking up in the middle of the nite
    digging one another

  6. that's hilarious...wakakakaka.....

  7. ah beng should marry all 3 of them!

  8. good thing ah beng does't marry a army lady...
    she must say you must do it 24-7
    aiyoh! mati la.....
    must ndo non stop.....
    muah ha ha ha ha

    p/s:24-7 means... 24hr 7 days

  9. *close ear, eye and mouth*

  10. "BANG!! MASUK BELAKANG!!" never sounded so wrong until i see this...

  11. Anonymous10:34 pm

    Ah Beng should Pak Chew Cheng instead of the 3 girls
    Guarantee no AIDS


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