29 March 2006

Ahbeng is Dying

Ahbeng is very old and infested with various kinda deadly diseases, he has been laying in his bed for a couplke of months ledi waiting for his time to come. One day while waiting for his death to come suddenly he smelled this very nice smells of his favourite butter cookies filling his room.

He then gather all his leftover power and dragged himself outta the bed, tracing the smell of butter cookies he drag himself down the stairs and into the kitchen.

On the kitchen table there is this batch of freshly baked butter cookies, Ahlian still remembers my favourite butter cookies! On the other end of the kitchen Ahlian (Ahbeng's wife) seems to be busy preparing more butter cookies.

Ahbeng think to himself "ahh.. Ahlian still love me very much, maybe she making me this butter cookies for me to eat before i die ... If i die today also i no regret"

After that Ahbeng knot tahan ledi, he dragged himself to the kitchen's table, grabbed a few pieces of the butter cookies and start stuffing them into his mouth, muching muching as fast as he could for it may be his very last meal.

Suddenly felt something hit him on the back of his head followed by a loud bang! He look back and it was Ahlian who hit him.

Ahbeng : Ahlian why you hit me!!!
Ahlian : Why you eating my cookies?
Ahbeng : I thot you made it for me?
Ahlian : Mahai! Not for you one! I made them for the guests who is kambing to your funeral la!!
Ahbeng :


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  1. so how's Ahlian's puki... oops i mean cuki?? good eat or not??

  2. padan muka to ahbeng la...
    choose a conductor bus as his wife lor....
    'masuk belakang la' 'dalam lagi,dalam lagi'.....
    that why ahbeng got many diseases...
    if he choose that teacher he canot die early lor...
    (review ahbeng looking for wife post)


  3. Did Ah Beng died? Or, Ah Lian died?

  4. Now Ching Ming season, later all those people in the photos come and find you tonight for using their photos. All rights reserved until to the grave wan you know anot?

  5. Anonymous12:23 am

    Eh..AhBeng died of wat diseases??


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