15 March 2006

Education Does Matters BUT ....

STPM results is gonna be released in a few hours time, so good luck everyone! Luck is when preparations meets with oppurtunities.

Yea I did my STPM too and NO I did not managed to get into our Local Uni, but life just dont ends there! I did my best and I think there are more to life than goto University.

I always believed that those who did great in academic are those with superb memory. How else can you pass your exams if not with photographic memory? But in real life, often its not how much you can remember, its often how can you use the information that you have in your brain.

Everytime I attended our secondary skool reunion dinner its kinda obvious that those who did better in life are not one of those "Straight As" students. Most of them are average Joe with nothing much to lose.

Those with lotsa papers qualifications rather hung tightly to a secured job and a fixed monthly pay rather than to take risk venture into the wild like we did. I guessed when you are a "Qualified somebody" that is what you tend to do, hang on to a job.

Also looking at the point of an employer, I sincerely believe that academic qualification are not the only thing they look for when hiring an employee. I for once are not like that at all, I would rather look for somebody that have this "fire" within him. The fire to suceed.

There is this ex-skool mate who are one of those "Straight As" student but whenever you try to strike a conversation with him it will turn out to be sour. I tried a couple of times but 90% of the time i do not know what the hell he is trying to tell me and its not just me, all he others skoolmates are telling me the same thing. Talking bout genuis!

Then, there is this very dissapointing thing i wanna tell you all would be employee about, 90% of the time you dont apply what u learnt in skool in your work UNLESS you are a Doctor, Lawyer or some other professional kinda job. Even Accountants dont practise what they learn in skool much! You can check with Buaya and see ngam anot lol!

This is the last Para, lemme tell you this ... if your results are good then well you can celebrate lar but dont too lansi bcoz the journey in front is still too long, hard to tell who might be winning the race in the future! And if your results sucks then dont feel too bad bout it either, Bill Gates dropped outta Havard too you know? it doesnt really matters whether you got a degree anot as long as you gave it the best you got you dont hafta feel bad at all. Who knows you might be the next Bill Gates right??!!!

GOOD LUCK! Now go get your results!!

ps : H.Leong Good luck to you too! and if you dont understen what i mumbled here dont worry, neither do I LOL!

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  1. very educational today... got point got point!

  2. Anonymous1:41 am

    fuiyo, veli the inspiring!

  3. Are u the education minister in real life ? :-)

  4. wingz, did you miss your medication again?

  5. gooman : educational ?? since when rojaks is educational one? lol

    sk : phuiyo most of the time when rojaks blogs bout inspirational thing ppl will "booo" me wan

    kennylee : no i m wingz rojaks is the blog lol

    linpeh : if i m the education minister i give u all the book supply kontrek wan anot ?

    alex : shhh not so louddd

  6. I agree. To survive in this society, you need much much more than mere academic skills.

  7. Anonymous6:32 pm

    wah taikor, now i know you big time employer leh.. go wild and make big big bucks compared with the academic ones. Gua lespek sama lu. btw, can i be your doter's close friend? hehehe and also i need a job, no qualityfication one, can? hehehe

  8. Anonymous2:07 am

    What to do. Become so absurd until no meaning. But then again, I also sitting around with my 9 to 5. Haven't found out what I want to do yet. That's why so bored @ work.

  9. wah wingz
    my thoughts exactly!

  10. Anonymous8:31 pm

    erhmm....Bill Gates is not a dropped out...he quit...


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