29 March 2006

New Japanese Martial Art For Ladies! Kick Balls-ing!!! (18SX)

After I watch this video I asked myself, what kinda fun or excitement did those guys gets being treated like that by the girls?? MCH this is farking sick ok?!

This should be the actual punishment for convicted Rapist!!

WARNING : Contains Violent images, IF you are below 18 please leave now, those who dont feel comfortable with violent images please leave now! Do not try this at home! hell! dont try this anywhere, anytime at all!!! Others proceed under your own risk.

I watch also can almost feel the pain, those who actually kena whack by those girls .... I really dunno how to describe their pain. Being kick on the balls is one thing but kicked over and over again on the balls ... now thats an entirely a different ballgame ledi!

I really dunno whether to salute those sohais or to laugh at them for their stupidness .... I repeat! DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS AT ALL!!! thsi video is here to tell you that sick people exist! not for you to try it yourself!! Trust me, you DONT wanna try it!!

Jab-Penis Kick Balls-ing!

If your browser isnt showing any video then you can go directly to the video by clicking this LINK

Many thanks to lenglui LMF for this video

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  1. walan..its japanese right?! they like hentai+SM ma...i think tis is new way for FUN gua..

    Those sohai ard mati pucuk, so they dun feel pain isit.I duno whether mati pucuk ppl will pain anot..

    I will not try this at home :P

  2. that one we hakka call.

  3. i think this are the way ladies rape guy lar.....

    what do you all think?

  4. Anonymous10:57 am

    OMG, such people also got. Anyway, ahpek made a very apt comment!!

  5. ouch! i sked of jap women liao!

  6. I think this is the way how rapists should be punished lor...

  7. O_O!

    *crosses legs tightly*

  8. ouch. i can feel the pain. ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch. fucking hell...

  9. the ultimate high??
    OMG! I got no balls also I can feel the pain!

  10. Anonymous2:33 pm

    I believe they are all stuntmen! And Wingz is one of them. :p

    Watching also I feel the pain for them.

  11. watch the vid last year...sadist shitty

  12. what the hell......? such perverted sadistic brainless people. like that also high ah? where did they leave their brain?

  13. young : new way for fun??? all i can see is insane severe pain!!!

    ahpek : agree!!

    n305er : yar the is the ultimate punishement for rapist!

    asyraf : lol! you tried this before right ??!!!

    quick : u also tried this b4 ?? -_-""

    KW : knn u cant even imagine half of the pain lol!

    bryan : mch what stuntman also die lar kena whack lidat!

    mxlenglui : our world are fulla sick sohais!

  14. What is wrong with all these crazy Yapunis? Last time eat sh*t, now kick balls. Next time=cannibalism? or they goreng the foreskin and eat it?


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