28 March 2006

Two Ants on a Mission

Todays' post Light 'n' Easy, i prolly would go Light n Easy the whole week cause really no time to churn out big production jokes coz work is killing me softly .... With her song, telling my whole life with her words, Killing me softly with his song~~~

2 Ants, 1 Supervisor Ant and another one Kuli Ant were roaming up Ahbeng's leg, they are on a mission to collect some kinda minerals to be taken back home into the nest. Since they dont know where the minerals would be the Supervisor ant decided that they should split up to cover more ground.

Supervisor Ant : Ok I think we should split up to cover more ground la. You go this way I go that way.
Kuli Ant : Ok Boss!
*Kuli ant start walking to the direction pointed out by Supervisor ant buden he suddenly turn back n running towards Supervisor ant.*
Supervisor Ant : Eh why you kambek ?

Read the below kartun for answer la!

Note : Today no nid to scroll la!

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  1. *scratch head* ???????????????????????????

  2. Poor ahbeng's ballsroom gonna kena ant bites, ouch ouch.

    Aiyor, ahpek, likedat oso must scratch balls?

  3. ayaiks! sorry missed the part obout roaming up ahbeng's leg!

  4. Anonymous1:00 am

    Wan Mopiko anot??


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