16 March 2006

An Interview With God

altho we all might have different kinda GOD but nevertheless i think the fundamental is more or less da same. I m feeling mellow~~~ wwoooo~~~

Very touching interbiu, makes you realise that what you are doing and repeating on a daily basis might not be correct after all. Go Ahead Click on the banner to watch this short film about his interview with GOD.

Remember to click on the "Presentation" button to start watching.

Tenkiu to mahagurusia for such a great eye opener!


  1. DNMCH!! You never warned me!! I wasn't wearing waterproof mascara!!! Now I'm looking like the long lost cousin of Ling Ling the Panda!!

    This is the most inspiring thing I've seen for a long long time!

  2. Anonymous8:27 pm

    Very inpiring indeed.

  3. it is very enlightening...can i copy ah?

  4. Rojakz!!!!! Come back to the dark side! Come back! The light may be too bright for you. Nanti all your bulu-bulu oso got burnt.

    But you have my blessings.*sprinkles holy water all around*

  5. Thanks Wingz! I just love the poem and I enjoyed it so much.


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