1 March 2006

Top Technorati Searches This Hour! TAMMY NYP!

K.L. 5:40pm, Breaking News Technorati had been officially taken over by Tammy and NYP

Tammy NYP, NYP Tammy oi! nothing better to search alredi ar ??!!!
kanneh! all tiko farkers!

Top searches in Technorati, Make that "the only searches on Technorati" TAMMY and NYP, Tammy and NYP in slot no.1 till slot no.3 and others are all blank!!! Its either Technorati gone bonkers or everyone is not interest with anything else, they just want Tammy and NYP and thats about it!!!

Arent we all a sad bunch of Pathetic Wankers!!! Its either that or Technorati gone bonkers again, whichever you wanna believe in :P


  1. Rofl. Sad wankers they are.

    By the way, I've noticed that Blogger has been filtering (or probably the spider is ignoring) Tammy-related keywords.

  2. hey hey... petrol increase, mamak increase, you got no mood to write jokes ar?? lol Think i didn't notice ar?

  3. poor gal..leave her alone. she is innocent la!

  4. Memang fehmes la !

  5. Memang Fehmes la !

  6. What's the big deal about it anyway? =/

  7. Anonymous11:33 pm

    Why no one search for Malaysia Petrol Price Sky Rocketed ?? :p

  8. Too many hamsup lou liao. lolz. Why singapore mia ppl wanna see? other control see tittle oso don wan see. lolz.

  9. Anonymous12:24 am

    The clip is ok la... nothing much except the poor Tammy's face... wonder how she gonna walk out to the public...

  10. Anonymous8:20 am

    who's this tammy? Tammy wynnette?


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