2 March 2006

Save $$$$ Use These Freeware! I have been using them for years! Antivirus, Spyware Removal and Office Suite

Added a new category into my sidebar - "MY FAVOURITE FREEWARE". Details as follows:-

AntiVir Personal Edition - An Award winning Anti virus Software with daily updates of virus definitions files. The best part is, it is totally FREE for personal use! I have been using this Anti Virus software for more than 2 years now and so far my system is virus free!!!

Ad-aware Personal Edition - Award winning spyware protection and removal software. Protect and block your PC from unwanted spyware and others harmfull pop ups. Very effective! and the best part is because it is FREE OF CHARGE!!!

OpenOffice Suite - I bet most of you are using MSoffice suite (MSExcel, MSWord, MSPowerpoint, MSAccess) well I got good news for you, you can now get FREE OF CHARGE OpenOffice suite which is also compatible with most of your MSOffice files. The best part is its complete LEGAL!!! No need to worry being raided by BSA anymore!!!


  1. hehe.. i never bothered these stuffs, I have Kian fix everything up for me. Getting a nice bf is easier that dealing with virus especially for computer dummy like me..=P

  2. Anonymous2:11 pm

    open office. tat's good. thanks :D

  3. u know why i screw u ad whore just now ah? mahai, i type in yr blog site and one fuckong big advertisement pop out wor. myself like blur oredi. thought your site kena hack or what. force me to read one whole page of advertisement before i can click "proceed to rojaks daily". lucky didn't happen this time. if not i surely boycott u wan.

  4. Anonymous3:23 pm

    There is a difference between Open Source, Shareware and Freeware. (Open Office is Open Source).

    Ad-aware SE is a crippled version of a commercial product.

    As for anti-virus, I much prefer Avast! Free version.

    And Spybot Search and Destroy is much better than Ad-aware anyway. Combined with HijackThis! it can take care of everything.

    And if you use Firefox, you won't really have any problems with Spyware anyway. Stop using Internet Exploder, that's the most important thing.

    My favourite picks:

    Open Office
    Spybot Search & Destroy
    Tor & Privoxy
    Real Alternative

    The rest are h4x0r stuff ;)

  5. Anonymous3:28 pm

    Noob, it will not be completed with Spybot Search & Destroy

    For Ah Pek : time to switch to firefox.

  6. i have adaware but somehow it tends to block some of my stuffs. so i turn it off. but thanks for sharing.

  7. yaya..should change to open-source. money to buy pirated cd aso can save.

    yaya..Jus Ad-aware is not enuf. mus add in spybot & HijackThis. tis will be enuf except u r hired to visit those x.com :P

    go dload open office sin

  8. Anonymous6:28 pm

    Money all spent for petrol liao, now it's time to use free software. Save that RM5 for pirated CD somemore. Wuahahhah...

    I use some of those ST recommended for years, highly recommended from me too. :)

    By the way, installed with those software doesn't mean you are 100% safe, must keep the software updated too. Check for the software update once in a while if possible.

  9. u r good with IT stuff but damn noob in cooking

  10. Wingz, I think you and my husband can live happily ever after. (toong dou jung yan) My husband is cute.... he detest Msoft and refuse to install Windows. lol He uses Linux and he said the chances of getting hit with virus using Linux is almost neglible. (most virus target Windows only)lol

  11. Anonymous1:46 am

    if you dowwnload google desktop, norton antivirus is included in the package FOC and if can even update the virus list.

  12. Anonymous1:59 am

    You can try Google Pack too, it has a nice start-up pack.


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