31 March 2006

Singing Without Opening Your Mouth

I m feeling blue ... thanks to the farking flu!!! $#%%^&*@!!!! Hou Lan Cham ahhh!!!!
Anyway, If I die of Bird Flu *cough cough* please dont send fawers ok? Send money will do just fine!
Also remember to burn me PCs and Notebook Computers and PDAs and dont forget the Wireless ADSL modem with a StimAss account!!!!
If its not too much to ask I would like someone to burn me a hotel also! I think down there not much hotels available la!

I was actually saving this video for something else but since I m farking sick and got no power to blog bout funny stuffs so I thot I put this video up to keep you guys luffing.

This man is singing without opening his mouth! How is he gonna do that you asking? use international HAND SIGN la diu! The title of the song should be Torn (I think) and i also derno whos the singer (yea ... i m THAT seasonED ledi).

Watch or rather listen carefully how this guy use "international sign language" to represents the words "HE" "MAN" "HIM" "CAME" "NAKED" and "TORN"

"HUH? I dont understand what you trying to tell me la?" Diu ... if u dun understand then u really original mongkang la!!!!

Voiceless Singing

If you dont get WTF i m trying to say up there then please ignore me ... i m farking high on "aunty-buy-your-dick" right now!!! Wooohhooooo~~~ very high~~~


  1. Anonymous1:22 am

    Respect bro ...

  2. i caught flu also, and it's really difficult to sleep when you keep sneezing, that's why i'm visiting your blog at this hour.

  3. hahaha that was a funny video!

    imagine all the things u can find on youtube these days

  4. LMAO~ Funny hand sign for that...

    Take care ya bro...

  5. ohh..watch ard..but stil like it now. He's dam pro in sign language. even the 'emotion' or face action can change damn fast.

    Btw, the singer is : Natalie Imbruglia

  6. oh shitz. that was hilarious.

  7. you feeling blue ar?
    never mind i intro you to 1 site that geh-rent-thee your nose can breath...
    i sent you by e-mail......

  8. dont forget the Wireless ADSL modem with a StimAss account!!!!

    will send you the whole stimAss company

    burn me a hotel also!

    will do that too....

    need any petrol kiosks?

  9. andy : tell me bout it, where u missing ledi so long neber see u?

    boss stewie : yea i like the way he says "he/him/man" lol

    kahwee : thanks

    young : yea hes the man! gotta give it to him!

    mengzz : yar i just saw that, lucky i post in youtube 1 day ealier than that fler! if not he will say i curi his content lol

    pisang : i blue bcoz of flu lar

    cockroach: dunwan petrol kiosk ... later got ppl do demo outside my petrol kiosk... hotel better can have spa *ngek ngek ngek*

  10. LOL...hahahaa. I like "came" and "torn".
    Take care. Get well soon...
    Bloggers' meet tonight wor, you coming? Just kidding....

  11. thanks for dropping by my blog. ur blog is absofuckinglutely cool.

  12. Lei fong sammmm ah....heng tai. Ngo yat teng burn one dozen of porn DVDs for you. You prefer Japanese or blonde hair pussies? Better write down in your will or else I burn Bollywood one, you later regret.

    I actually want to come by and borrow your used spender to whack kau some Oprah Winfrey's fansi. Now that you got flu, just phrrrooottt into hankie the green stuff oso can la.

    Enjoy your aunty-by-your-dick ok?


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