19 March 2006

10 Year Ago She Was Just 18 Years Old .....

Attending the wedding of someone close to you can turn you mellow sometimes

10 years ago I employed my first clerk, shes 18 at that time and today shes 28. I saw her transformed from a naive small girl to an independent woman.

shes just like a little sister i never had and today this little sister tied the knot with a handsome responsible young man. I wish you both all the best and congratulations!

The Perfect Couple - Mr & Mrs Yeo

And May you both live happily ever after.


  1. You sure you didn't try to sleep with her ah?

  2. That only shows how old you are... Haha! Say, at least 40+ now? :P

    Cute... But hopefully didn't pain 2 liter of ICI paint. You know lah, wedding photo all damn kaw lat one. :P

  3. Hmm... are you serious...? Not bitter ar..?

  4. now now wingz.. pls dun be sad... many more clerks in the sea

  5. cocka : wuah ... sister also wanna sapu mehhh -_-""

    silencer : cute lehh

    jason : 40+ lol!! nolar she natural beauty one

    geovanni : bitter??? lol u watched too much tv ledi la

    Boss stewie : not sad, just abit abit emotional bcoz my lil sister is all grown up ledi :)

  6. Anonymous3:44 am

    You always hire 18 years old girl as clerk wan is it?

  7. another 9 months you will be loosing a clerk. congratulations!!

  8. "I saw her transformed from a naive small girl to an independent woman."

    **shake head ** Wonder who made her change so drastically ....?

    All the best to her...

  9. Anonymous5:22 pm

    she quite chio ler...

  10. I must congrat Rojakz 'cos if he can maintain a staff for 10 years and openly declare his fondness for a sister, I give standing ovation.

    Oi, you are mellowing non-stop ah?

  11. wahhhh... chun babe getting married! always an occasion to celebrate. congrats to the newlyweds!

    (now, if only I could hire a chun guy as my secretary...)

  12. they look so happy :) Now I feel mellow oso

  13. Must be something good value in your company she stay over 10 years.

  14. i think.... **smile aledi** that is your picture leh...
    this are I.T. era.... you can change the face back to young age...

    just like wingz did to that animal face party...

  15. Not TV la... i read too much Rojaks blog...


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