9 March 2006

Back Side Mau Turn Soccer Cup Final

WARNING : GUYS, DUDE, MALE please refrain from watching the below video if you just taken your meal ok ? dont blame me if you vomit hafway thru the clip. Of coz the above warning are not meant for PLUs

Those who read THIS post before will know what I meant by "Back Side Mau Turn", This post are specially dedicated to those girls, women, silais, aunties alike, last time you all complain I only post pics of pretty girls no put pics of "dangling balls and swinging trunks" so now this post are specially made for you gals!!!

Mau I present to you gals, aunties, Silais the Back Side Mau Turn Soccer Cup Final Match!!!!


OMFG!!! I can hear those silais screaming like crazy from here!! WUAHAHAHAHA!!!!

You all silais watched ledi tonite dont goan rub taufu ok?!!

How Chun anot ? Now dont say I bias alredi ok ?

Again manay thanks to my regular porn pusher Cocka for the video


  1. Aparalu, first LinPeh, now Cocka. You betul-betul jadi or kui tau (wu kwai thau, pimp) liao.

    BTW, my Backside MauTurun's post still got people commenting, between anti-gay and pro-gay. I also dare not read their comments liao 'cos one commentor said 'Gays will burn in hell'.

  2. mahai Wingz, now I become pusher ah? LOL...tiu

    5xmom....after I offered my views on Wingz backside mau turn's post, I've got gays writing in asking if my company is still hiring. Got to reply them both front and back door also closed liao! LOL

  3. No appetite liao. wanna vomit. But this sure the cowboys in broke back mau turn suka. lolz.

  4. If the football hit their nuts, wow, that will surely be a live world cup standard experience. lolz.

  5. nice arses!!! =) too bad. can see , but cannot touch.ekek

  6. i'd rather stick to football-with-fully-clothed-footballers, thank you

  7. Anonymous2:50 pm

    Half way through the match, the ball disappeared. Coz someone accidentally sat on it.


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