24 November 2006

China's Latest Tow Motor Bike

You might seen alotsa tow truck before, but have you ever seen a tow bike?

Well, you prolly could catch one towing illegal parked cars in China.

Tow Bike spotted!

Tow Bikes Drivers Hanging out

Towing Mechanism

Tow Bike in Action

Lucky in Malaysia dont have yet ... if not sure Mat Rempit will use it for illegal race wan! I know Mat Rempit kenot afford this bike la! But ArmNohhh can mah!!!


  1. Anonymous9:33 am


  2. I think can only tow small car. Big car and lorry susah a bit.

  3. Anonymous1:03 pm

    Wah, nampak canggih liddat.

  4. sooner or later they will bring it into Malaysia to making tow car as business.

  5. Anonymous8:56 pm

    walan eh those are at least 1200cc bikes ... or else tow lanjiao ar ... but mahai kesian the policemen la ... mahai 1 person only ... hahaha

  6. oiiii...who say ARMnold can???all our inkamsax money ler so we afford...lol

  7. Anonymous1:43 am

    sure boh?
    got power ar?
    later that bike get burning rubber olni...

  8. Anonymous3:15 am

    haha,wingz,next time dun park your car evrywhere oh. You never know when will those bike reach our shore

  9. no worries lar, all the money is going to the 400 million castle so no money to buy tow motor!

    talkcockking is back haha

  10. Cool bike..IF the bike is here, geng lo..The policeman will bcome King of The Road. Now ard riding like Sepang, this new bike sure more POWDERFUL.


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