6 September 2006

An Old Ahpek and His Young Wife

toking about marriage ... I called a frend today trying to get the number of another frend from her. I attended her wedding dinner in January this year so I thot instead of jumping in asking for the number I'll ask her how is her marriage life.
Me : Hey ... its me, are you pregnant ledi by now?
Her : nah ... we broke off!
Me : WTF?! you broke off with your husband??!!!
Her : Erm ... yea ...
Me : How the fuck you broke off with your husband? you are married!
Her : Err ... we just had a wedding ceremony and a dinner only ... we did not register.
Me : -_-""" .......

WTF!!! I am cheated of my angpow!!!! MCH marriages so fragile ledi huh nowadays? Can test 1st one ... if dont like it then can break off wan!!! MCH!!! derno what the younger generation is thinking liow! DIU!! GO play masak masak better la!

I betcha lotsa peeple had heard about old "ancient" man marrying a young lady, most of us would wonders how do they do it? I mean sexually ...... do you even think that the oldman can ever get his rusty "engine" started?

Thanks to many of the ongoing researches in todays world that we managed to uncover this myth.

We at Institute Lin Cock Wingz made a huge discovery this year, we managed to uncovered a few secrets as to how a 80 yrs old Ahpek still able to satsify his wife's sexual desires.

Actually the discovery was made on the first nite of the wedding itself .... to further understand this theory i gotta tell you a story about this odd couple.

One day Ahpek (name has been changed to protek the innocents) whois 80 years old married a young wife Ahmoi (again the name here has been altered to protek the innocents) whois only 23 yrs old.

On the wedding nite Ahmoi suggested to Ahpek that they should sleep in different room as shes afraid that Ahpek would be over sexcited and decided to hump her whole nite and die in the process. Ahpek agreed.

After the wedding dinner as Ahmoi prepares to go to sleep she heard someone knocking on the door ... sure enuff it was Ahpek kambing to claim his bride. Ahpek imidiately goes into action and everything goes well .... both of them were enjoying it and it was over in 15 minutes. Ahpek gets down of the bed and walks back to his room and Ahmoi preparing to go to sleep.

Not even 10 minutes after that Ahmoi heard another knock on the door, she opens the door and found Ahpek naked ready for second round. Ahmoi let him in and they start humping again .... everything were fine too this this time .. in fact Ahmoi thot Ahpek performed even better than the 1st round. 20 minutes later game over ledi .... Ahpek once again picked himself up and start walking out of the room while Ahmoi getting ready to go to sleep.

When Ahmoi was about to doze off she heard knocking on the door again ....... half awake Ahmoi gets up on her feet and walks towards the door to see who is there. suprised she again found Ahpek in front of her door ready for another round of hot steamy sex with his new bride. Ahmoi was very very curious to see what his 'ancient' husband is capable of so she let him in and they are at it again. Suprising enuff .... Ahpek is performing even better than the 1st and 2nd round this time! Feeling all satisfied Ahpek again picked himself up getting ready to walk back to his room again when Ahmoi said this to him :

Ahmoi : I am very satisfied with your performance darling ..... even you are alredi 80 yrs old but you are powderfool enuff to do 3 rounds ... I am very impressed! I done it with guys who are just 1/3 of your age and they are only good for one round only ... you really are a great lover and I dont think i will be lonely married to you darling ....

*Ahpek then turn and look at Ahmoi with his blur blur face and said :*

Ahpek : WHAT??!! You mean I was Here 3 times ALREDI??!!

Looks like getting old has its own advantage after all huh?




  1. Anonymous5:02 am

    Can I enroll into Lin Cock Wingz ah?

  2. Anonymous6:21 am

    o.O? i dont really get it...:/

  3. i tot ah pek was using hand when i read it...lol

  4. i tot ah pek was using hand when i read it...lol

  5. selective amnesia wor. know which room to go to. LOL

  6. Anonymous9:03 am

    this time at least you are correct. ah pek always forget how many times he had farked!!

  7. hehehe looks like you're back in action after the sad sad story eh?

  8. Haha.. Your real life story is funny and shocking too. :P
    My cousin told me few years back that she know two couples who have done cham cha ceremony, the wedding dinner but haven't register. When she asked why.. they answered.. JUST IN CASE...

    memang sien with the angpow ler. :P

  9. me no get it too.... can sum1 explain ka??

  10. LOL... can lost count somemore. Eh, that Ah Pek's sperm got expired or not? kekekekeke

  11. Aiyer ... I know you want me to enrol in your Lin Cock Wringz college lar - so sly one. Got enuff rich old flers to teach new tricks anot?? LOL

  12. U sure Ah Pek can do 3 round?

  13. blink blink ... whats is the story all abt ??

  14. Ma hai...me tout is not the Ah Pek in ACTION......mana tau he got alzheimer ah...

    Both miacam pinang belah 2...Ah Pek punya tahan lasak...tu lao po nye super geng...tahan masuk MUAHHAHAHHAHHAH =p

  15. Anonymous12:17 am

    Har!!! AhPek farked blur blur wan ar??
    How you know jek?

  16. Anonymous7:52 pm

    phuarr...!!!... my sifu once told me to drink a lot of water before going to sleep le... Sure one le..at night 'awang' stood elect like telefon pole...then ask amoi to sit on haa..Gelenti...satisfied 'hoar..


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