30 September 2006

Light and Easy Weekend - Thailand Papaya Farm Restaurant

This post is specially dedicated to all male papaya lovers, according to my source ... these photographs are taken in a "special" restaurant located in Thailand.

The hostesses in this restaurant walks to all the table and "entertain their guests" in a very "unique" way ..... they actually allow their guests to touch their breast, they actually encourage their guests to touch their breast!!!

No i kid you not, look at the photographs yourself.

Females also allowed to touch their breast!

Either that fler is a girl or lesbo ... so happy one touching boobs

Ok confirmed shes lesbo! touch till so happy!

Wuah!! this ahbeng also very happy can touch nen nen!!!

This one cincai cincai also 34c cup!

Wuah if the guy in the pic is ahpek he dem hapoy liow wei!

Got special Facial massage also!! Boobs to face massage!!!

Not only that, the restaurant also provide entertaiment show!!!

Can take pic with the performer also!

This ahbeng in the pic sure tfk till dry one they took this pic!

Wuah this one 35D cup!!!! jiak beh liow!!!! happy lar this guy!!!

Stim anot see these pics??!!!! Wait wait dun go TFK first!!!

Ok lar after u guys stim stim ledi see those pics I got something I wanna tell u lar .....

Those chicks is actually Ahkua!!! LOL!!! Dont belif u ask Ahnel la!


  1. Heh, real thai girls all orh-orh wan..if pek-pek and NNTTL sure ahkua mya..

  2. Anonymous3:08 am

    Hahaha..see the faces oso know ahkua ledi. So you got visit this restaurant anot while you're in thai cock? How many papaya you pluck adi?

  3. Anonymous7:40 am

    cheh,,no need to tell oso know they r ah kuas la! ayooo...so obvious mia!

  4. Its indeed ah kua and ah beng in picture #4 is Wingz coz i help him took the pikcher...LOL

  5. LOL... from the 1st pic know oledi is ah kua.

  6. Only ahkua will allow such photoshop in conservative asia.

  7. Anonymous7:31 pm

    eh after the show the ah kua will storm kau you to take pics wan ... after that ... go to room ar? no ar, nabeh they charge kau you wan ar ...


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