3 September 2006

Weekend @ Mines Shopping Mall

Yesday (Saturday) we go to Ampang to pick up grandpa and gradma and 5 of us headed to Mines Shopping mall for lunch and let Lil Devil walk walk around with grandma and grandpa.

If you derno which one is Mines Shopping Mall then lemme show u this pic, this is the signature of mines shopping fair.

The river cutting across Mines shopping mall, the small motorboats is the water taxis, you can go makan angin round round the man made lake from palace of the golden horses till fatty crab there.

Some of the pic i took with my phonecam .....

Lil Devil on escalator

Lunch @ Kenny Rogers Mines, Lil Devil dem addicted to their Cheese Macaroni!!!

4 x Kenny quarter meal RM 70++

Then I bought these at the Mines It world (which has been moved to the 2nd floor from 1st floor since August.) Lesser shops now compares to before .... I m just too lazy to go Lowyat ... the jam .. the crowds .... Siennn

Altec Lansing ATP3 for RM170, my Altec kena bomb till bocor liow .... at RM170 I think its a bargain.
Hitachi Deskstar 160gb x 2 bijiks .... my desktop mia HDD kong lan jor ... so i might as well upgarde it to higher capacity. I dont like big capacity HDD simply bcoz if they kong lan jor i will lost alotsa datas ... instead i prefer to have smaller hdds stacked into my super tall tower casing lol! Easier to bakup also neh!

Then i found this ... this can kira as the discovery of the month also ....

Ladies and aunties! May I presents to you ... the BEST cosmetic for aunties and alike ... THE I-Anti from Korea!!!

IAnti, even teenager use ledi will looks like anti wan!!! .... so if you wanna look abit more "mature" use I-Anti!!!! LMAO!!!!

Ok la ... its only a joke la ... prolly Ianti meant something else in Korean rite anot? LOL!!!

I burnt almost RM650 yesday .... its not easy to earn RM650 but burning them is sure hella lot easier!!!

Have a nice weekend peeple!


  1. last kopek for mega sale ah? taikor, bila mau update ur 6 facts? pretend forgot jor ah?

  2. that i-anti...

    anti means for aunty used nia kar???lol


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