19 September 2006

Sohai German Student in China Pretending to be Terracotta Warrior

Blardee farker!!! my opis blackout! kaput!! tarak lektrik!!! now i sitting here sweating my panty spender blogging with my notebook (using batteri la) and my handphone with DiGi EDGE

New recruit joins Terracotta Army
Source : BBC

A German art student briefly fooled police by posing as one of China's terracotta warriors at the heritage site in the ancient capital, Xian.

Pablo Wendel, made up like an ancient warrior, jumped into a pit showcasing the 2,200-year-old pottery soldiers and stood motionless for several minutes.
The 26-year-old was eventually spotted by police and removed from the scene.

Unearthed in 1974, the statues are said to be one of the 20th Century's greatest archaeological finds.

The ancient clay soldiers were created to protect the nearby tomb of the legendary Emperor Qinshihuang who united China over 2,200 years ago.

Mr Wendel is reported to have entered the museum on Saturday where he changed into his outfit, jumped over a barrier and took up a position on a pedestal he had taken along.

The sohai! (why he never shave his misai huh?
he think terracotta warriors got black misai one huh?)

"I got to the area where he was supposed to be, looked around and didn't see him - he looked too much like a terracotta warrior," Hong Kong newspapers quoted a security guard as saying.

As Mr Wendel's "performance art" did not harm any of the ancient relics, he was not arrested or charged but given "serious criticism", the reports said.

Mr Wendel had his costume confiscated and was sent back to the eastern Chinese city of Hangzhou, where he is studying.

Whats next? Pretending to be Chinese Vampire ar?

This world really macam macam people also got! one type of rice feeding 100 types of peeples!

Sometime i really derno what da fark this kinda peeple is thinking la .... farkingly bored peeple with screwed up brain if u ask me.

If the fler in Malaysia, who you think he would wanna be? Mat Rempit or Hantu Kumkum? Wuahahahaha!!!


  1. Anonymous1:34 pm

    He can try sit besides Lim Keng Yaik or Lim Kit Siang!

    Both are also relics Mah! Can put in da museum ooo!

    Hahahahaha....Good one ah Ah Beng!

    Velly funny!

  2. Hey, after all the trouble he went through, he DID appear on Rojaks.blogspot.com wor. So very worth it mah.....

  3. Some ppl got too much time in their hands and too much air in their heads.... Cheers!

  4. why not he tries to be superman n jump down from building and see what will happen? LOL...

  5. he is in Malaysia now and Mat Cemerlang being named after he arrived...LOL

  6. The FBI profiler will tell you he was ignored as a kid and now has this need to be noticed and loved. If left unchecked, these folks will turn into arsonists or exhibitionists.

    COntinuing from Mahaguru's comment, I'll like to add, if this guy were to pursue his antics in our Parlimen meeting, he'll never be found out. Afterall, all those folks there are merely ornaments.

  7. Anonymous12:02 am

    wuahahaha..real sohai. Macam macam cases oso got!! lol

  8. Anonymous2:17 pm

    Hmmm, now he is famous. Even rojaks blog him.


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