22 September 2006

Papa Black Sheep

This story a true story triggered by another similar entry about a Sudan Man forced to marry a Goat he FarkED Names of the person involved in this story has been changed to to protect the innocent (those not innocent one no need to protect la lol!) and also no sheep(s) are hurt in the making of this story either.

The Story :

Once upon a time, Linpeh was sent to Africa as aid worker where he get to join this tribe of Zulu tribesman in their village. Linpeh spent more than a year there and you know how Linpeh is la, that fler also dem 9 hamsap wan, so horny mia pasal even african ladies also he sapu la!

Then come one day, one of the wife of the Zulu Chief (The boss of the Zulu's Tribe) gave birth to a white baby (Zulu Chief got lotsa wives wan la ... kinda like the ancient China mia king lidat).

The Zulu Chief once found out that his baby is not black, he also very the tulan lar of coz! He straight straight suspect this is Linpeh mia doing liow, this is becoz in tho whole village only Linpeh is white (ok lar ok la not white la! yellow la.) others all black one If not him then who else la? right anot?

So the Zulu Chief also go and confront him la :

Zulu Chief : Linpeh! You been farking my wife izzit??!!!
Linpeh : Errr.... urm .... where got?? where got???!!! not me lar!!!
Zulu Chief : You the only one here whois not black! If not you who else??!!!
Linpeh : U listen to me first boss, its not lidis one leh .... this matter can be explain with science la ...
Zulu Chief : I m listening ....
Linpeh : This one must explain using Mendel's laws of genetics liow.... u see in the field there
Zulu Chief : where?
Linpeh : There laa ... look at that herd of sheeps
Zulu Chief : Ok ... I m looking .... so?
Linpeh : You see hor .... most of the sheeps is white kaler right? why got 2 sheeps BLACK KALER one??? Same theory lar!!!


Zulu Chief :
Zulu Chief : ok ok ... i understand ...... I UNDERSTAND!!! U WIN!!! U WIN!!! If you dont tell I also dont tell la! DEAL ANOT???



  1. wakakakakaka the Chief ush ush the sheep ah? Linpeh keng!

  2. Anonymous9:39 am


  3. Anonymous11:49 am

    nice one lar!

  4. Anonymous12:59 pm

    Wakakaka..Lin Peh dun care what kaler anything got hole oso sapu la.!!

  5. hahahahaha baa baa black sheep..

  6. Lin Peh not racist ! ;-)

  7. Anonymous3:21 pm

    Zulu Chief kena pwned this time. Kkeke...

  8. Anonymous5:17 pm

    LOL, it took me a seconds to catch it. See la, everyday you also shiok sama ini beastility mia stories.

  9. Anonymous8:36 pm

    Yeeeeee.... no taste 1 your joke LOL

  10. That anon after Bryan is me. Cibai streamyx so slow, lanjiau betul, pukimak mia tmnut. Hehehe, borrow yr place to vent a bit, can?

  11. Anonymous12:21 am

    i dunwan to laugh liao ...

  12. hahahahaahahahah! now another sheep lover ah?


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