4 September 2006

6 Random Facts About Me

Tagged by LYN

Seriously, this is really one pointless tag ... i actually wanna do the childhood meme by inevitable but that one is kinda long-ish so i thot i get this one done with and do the other one later and today is monday .... you are suppose to do boring stuffs on monday rite?

The name of the tag is 6 Random Facts about Me .... so I guessed i hafta choose 6 random facts thats related to me and put it here rite?

Here goes :

1.) I Breaths - Yea I really do ... once i tried to stop breathing and my face turned purple and I passed out cold. From that time onwards my lokter adviced me against trying such such an act. From that day onwards I been consuming lotsa oxygen and producing countless amount of carbon dioxide. I love breathing ... it helps ease pain too, if you ever in a very stressful situation please breath more often and in greater quantity, by breathing in greater quantity ozxygen will fill your lungs and more oxygen will be carried onto your brain to fuel the thinking process. Thats why i so cleber!!!

2.) I Eats - Yea I love to eat too! especially if they are free!! (anyone wanna treat me dinner pls email me @ rojaks.wingz@gmail.com . Peeple said i m too phat buden my fader thaught me one thing .... "we worked so hard at the end of the day its about putting food on the table!" so love thy food! EAT! and i have been eating from that day onwards.

3.) I Shits - I derno wat da fark is wrong with my digestive systems .... right after i ate i will wanna shit, the more i ate the more i shit .... there is once i shitted in my pants while eating -_-""" i guessed my tank are too full, thats why my system hafta discard some useless shits just to make room for the new stuffs that had been kambing in non stop. I will shit at least 2 times a day .... sometimes up to 20 times if there is any emergency cases, especially after eating dhal from the roadside mamak stall.

4.) I Digs - I love digging my nose ...... I will dig my nose once a day, usually before i take my shower. That is the time when my nose is fulla shits and nose digging is one of the most funnest thing to do (next to sex) When u dug out a huge piece of semi solid semi liquid ... the feeling is almost as good as sex. There is more to it than just pure digging .... after u dig it out .... u starts rolling it and pressing it and roll sommo till it cant be roll no more then u can throw it away. Nose digging is also called the opposite of bowling .... in bowling u throw and the ball rolls ... in nose digging first u roll then only u throw LMAO!!!

5.) I am Married - yea i know alotsa girls will be heart broken but the fact is I m married .... i even got a son and I m O L D .... so pulez dun write me any love emails bcoz i sked my heart cant take those sexcitements and i would die of heart attacks (ok la ok la noone wrote me love emails la .... gibe me abit face lemme pretend i m getting lotsa love emails can anot? in case any girl(s) wanna write me love emails ... pls send them to rojaks.wingz@gmail.com ok?)

and last but not least ....

6.) I am Hansem ... nid i say more? just look at my pic in the banner above this blog and tell me I hansem anot??!!! If you wanna be as hansem as me .... Everydei must read Rojaks Daily!!!!


I Tag the below persons with this silly meme :

1. George W Bush
2. Osama Laden
3. John Kerry
4. Mat Cemerlang
5. Satam Husin
6. Ms. Yamamoto Itchybawah


  1. wakakaka... did u tell them u tag kao them?

  2. Anonymous8:48 am

    mahai! your shit so big and perfect wan ah?

  3. LOL...the best meme i ever read... ;D

  4. Fact no. 7: I lafu Rojaks!!!


  5. Guess what? I oso have the 6 same facts!

  6. Anonymous9:59 am

    ahwingz-si... your turd is the best I've ever seen! you're my hero!!

  7. Anonymous10:10 am

    Haha very the hensem one loh

  8. Anonymous12:40 pm

    You shitted in your pant while eating? and after digging you roll that piece of shit!! lols..*pengsan*

  9. how come??? must be you have a straight fat pipe for intestines. LOL

  10. Anonymous2:46 pm

    wahlau like tat aso u can think
    man u very keng

  11. FINALLY....u did that 6 AMAZING facts 'bout urself!!!!

  12. a good one.. had been reading your ROJAKS daily... an extreme mood booster i wud recommend for all... lol...

    by the way wat does it got to do with 'Lin Cock Wingz' & his old instirution?.... *juz curious*

  13. hahahaha..i'll try to send u forward love letter lah..make u kembang sikit


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