10 September 2006

Light and Easy Weekend - The Nite My Kid Ditched Me

My parents kidnapped my Little Devil ...... actually hes the one who wanna stay over at my parent's house.

I know he will leave us one day and this is just the beginning .... I kinda missed having him around bugging me tho, I guessed all parents will go thru this stage but mine is kinda early bcoz he got so attached to my parents.

We like the food in TSIM TUNG so much we went back there again, this time with my parents and siblings

Tsim Tung Rest. In Pandan Indah

Interior of Tsim Tung

My Oldman looking at the Menu

Lil Devil making ugly face

This is suppose to be the impersonation of a Tiger

Where my food??!!! What took em so long?

Heres your toast sir!

And heres your milk sir!

And this is what he ordered ..... yea I should get him off instant noodle before he go bald.


More Pls!

Not a bad price to pay for a dinner of 7 right?

Have a nice weekend everyone and please give your parents a call ok?


  1. Why the bill so 9 long wan ?? ;-)

  2. in the pikcher your oldman looking at the menu,did you notice the gal behind looking at you??? LOL

  3. Fuah... hungry liao... beh tahan liao... eh... it's damn cheap for 7 person la.

  4. Why restaurant got serve maggie mee wan?? ;)

  5. Anonymous12:00 pm

    wingz, sometimes i will go there to eat as well, now HK restaurant is the trend la, everywhere also got 1... abit pricy for the food vs portion, but still ok la... next time if i see ur lil devil, ill show him some magic ya... but u dont say i cheat him wor, because im not that good ma, kakakkaaka

  6. Wow nowdays ppl like go out side order maggie mee with fly egg...=p
    That happened to my colleague last week went for lunchy..

    Gai me think shud open one maggie stall kasi tu fy egg, chick ham, beef ham, tu "anjing panas" kakkakaka

    J.K....the devil CUTE heheheh

  7. my sunday..family day~ all cousins n aunties/uncle gather together sit down at one place to have food/drink and chatter away. so..i'm going off now to enjoy my sunday~~

  8. LOL, my 3 yrs old saw me reading this post and he said, "Woi, chi le lojak kia" (this one Rojak's kid) Lil Devil femes liao, celebrity icon!

  9. that is cheap, can't get that here for 7 ppl!

  10. Anonymous6:21 pm

    this is not maggi la kampungkai - its hong kong maggi mee ... hahaha

    hey youutried their sui kau? very nice also the prawn fat fat wan ...


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