11 September 2006

Scam Alert Maybank2u - Identity Theft

I received this email in my inbox today :

Dear customer,
Reminder : Please Re-activate your account thorugh Maybank
Activate now : Re-activate now instantly..
If you forget your PayBills password, please click here.
If you have difficulty remembering your password, read this.
If you forget your Internet Banking password, please contact Maybank Customer Care Centre at 1-300-88-6688 or 603-7844 3696 (overseas).

In case you dont know what i am toking bout (yar i belif there are peeple as naive as this, thats why till today still got ppl fall victim to this kinda email) ... what they trying to do here is to get you to key in your username and password to your account and they will then use your username and password to login to your genuine Maybank2u account and transfers all your money in your account to somewhere else.

This is the screenshot :

I then clicked on the links provided in that fake email to see where it will leads me to ..... this is the fake website of Maybank2u.com.my

It brought me to a domain http://mshack.net anything domain with a hack in it sounds trouble! Its not even a secure website!!! either this bunch of pundeks is really amateur or they are just plain idiot!

Nevertheless ... unexpecting victims will still fall for this trap. So I just wanna warn you guys who have Maybank2u account to be more careful, as for me .... I dont have maybank account wan!

Nah this is another screenshot taken from the genuine Maybank2u.com.my website, compare it yourself !

Plotek your hard earn marney .... dont let those basket get their hands onnit!

Anoder community message brought to you by Rojaks Daily, your daily craps filled website! :P



  1. Anonymous12:21 pm

    FEw years ago, one of my friend fall for this scam. After I told him, he quickly went and check but the money is still there. It depends also how much money you have in there la. So he quickly change the password.

  2. Anonymous2:04 pm

    Got the same email last week and i wrote Maybank an email together with the fake url. However, I have not received any replies from Maybank yet. I think the MBB fellas are quite lame.

  3. Anonymous2:12 pm

    wah..lidat oso can ar?? Mahai, got to check my account liao. see ya.

  4. ehh...i never send to you mer this scam???i tot forwarded before???

    anyway i seldom do online banking as i rather 'mah fan' go bank than online as sked this thing happen... ;)

  5. I no money to even open a bank account, how?

    But that cilakak Paypal fraudster always do this phising la. Niamah...I got USD30 there, heart also no safe. Now where is Bryan? I want to spend my paypal money to buy more domains liao. Kasi USD0 balance baru safe.

  6. Yo Wingz dude, thanks for the 101 on fake web site man, sure it helpful, will forward this wisdom to all of my vilage people in my turf.

    I always enter using my bookmarked address and check on web page secure at the bottom right before log in.


  7. Anonymous4:56 pm

    one things for sure, never never open any links from email which claims to be from the banks, and be wise enough to check the link's destination before clicking, just to make sure where u loggin in ...

    and use la Firefox, its gonna show u a higlighted addrsss if its a secure site ...

  8. hey can u please forward the mail 2 me? I wanna trace the hoster and IP lookups. Please.....

    my email : seph_net@yahoo.com

  9. Erm..If u r a careful web user, u can get that same fake email from Guinene Maybank Login page..They have the 'Latest News' column ma..

    Me no scare, all my bank acct only got rm50.Da rest inside my pocket :P

  10. Heard that before but I never saw the real picture, now I saw it... thanks for info.

  11. Anonymous2:08 am

    Wah, now everywhere on the net also not safe ledi! Luckily I keep all my money under my bed and under my bed no link so no phishing! Wuahahha...

  12. bryan said...

    Wah, now everywhere on the net also not safe ledi! Luckily I keep all my money under my bed and under my bed no link so no phishing! Wuahahha...

    Bryan, got pissing leh? Habis basah all your millions dollars. Manatau, at night you wet dream. LOL

  13. Anonymous10:11 am

    teruk leh.. these bargers. I got no paypal account oso these bargers keep sending me e-mail saying my paypal account has been hacked. somemore asked me to change password. WTF.

  14. Anonymous12:41 pm

    Lilian, wet ledi can dry it mah, so no worries wan. Kekkeke...

  15. Anonymous7:33 am

    They cannot do anything if they have your user and password :) cause maybank use tag numbers now..and only it will send to your own mobile phone..and those tag numbers will expire in 2-3 hours :)..but public bank not so secure ler..cause any transaction make in pbb online just key in IC number only..they should make like maybank...

  16. Hey wingz
    thankz for the website...
    actually there are really So Hi ppl out there who actually believed it...
    i tested it on my ma chan colleague and they were like...err.. wat oh?
    they actually fell for it...
    but i also saja saja play along lar..
    put id as urdumb and passward also ureallydumb... also ok...kah.kah.kah..


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