13 September 2006

Wong Fei Hung The Legendary Chinese Folk Hero

Today I wanna tok about Wong Fei Hung, (yar no more Cocka story ledi ... later he dunwan frend me ledi!)

Wong Fei Hung is almost a household name among chinese community, almost .... i think the younger generation dont really know whois Wong Fei Hung also .... nevertheless for those who do not know who he is ..... i prepared a brief intro as to who this legend are .... a short descriptions taken from Wikipedia :

Wong Fei Hung
(Traditional Chinese: 黃飛鴻;
Simplified Chinese: 黄飞鸿;
Pinyin: Huáng Fēihóng;
Cantonese Yale: Wòng Fēihùng)
(July 9, 1847–March 25, 1924)

Was a healer, martial artist and revolutionary who became a Chinese folk hero often described as the "Chinese Robin Hood".

As a healer and medical doctor, he practiced and taught acupuncture and other forms of traditional Chinese medicine at his 'Po Chi Lam' (寶芝林) clinic in Foshan, where he was known for his compassion and policy of treating any patient.

A museum dedicated to Wong has been built in Foshan (Translate as Buddha Hill *I think*).

Wong was a master of the Chinese martial art Hung Gar. He systematized the predominant style of Hung Gar and choreographed its version of the famous Tiger Crane Paired Form Fist, which incorporates his "Ten Special Fist" techniques. Wong was famous for his skill with the technique known as the "No Shadow Kick".

Wong Fei Hung also became adapt at using weapons such as the long wooden staff and the southern tiger fork. Soon after, stories began circulating about his mastery of these weapons. One story recounts how he defeated a 30-man gang on the docks of Canton using the staff.

Wong is sometimes included in the Ten Tigers of Canton (ten of the top martial arts masters in Guangdong towards the end of the Qing Dynasty (1644–1912), a group to which his father Wong Kei Ying belonged).

Source : Wikipedia

The Wong Fei Hung Theme song

Now ... after you know who is Wong Fei Hung ledi I wanna tell you a joke thats related to him wan. Long long time ago in Foshan China Wong Fei Hung got open this martial art skool wan and its customary among all the martial art skool's Sifu to challenge each other to see who is more powderful among all.

An artist impression of Wong Fei Hung [Source]

Needless to say, since Wong Fei Hung so fehmes of coz got many many Sifus from other martial art skool come to challenge him la!

Then come one day his arch rival Sek Keen join hand with another sifu from anoder martial art skool to come challenge Wong Fei Hung. They even bring along all their students to watch the fight, along the way the also performed lion dance to kinda help boost morale among themself la.

News of them kambing spread like wild faiyer lidat .... Leong Foon a student of Wong Fei Hung ran back to Poh Chi Lam to convey the news to his master Wong Fei Hung.

Leong Foon : Sifu sifu!!! Sek Keen kambing with anoder sifu to challenge you.
Wong Fei Hung : Yaka? how many peeple kambing ?
Leong Foon : I count count got about 40 peeples ler sifu.
Wong Fei Hung : Hmmm..... G Yoke Wing! bring my red ong Kungfu shirt kam!!! *(G Yoke Wing is also a student of Wong Fei Hung which are quite well known )
G Yoke Wing : Nah sifu, your red ong kungfu shirt.

Sek Keen and anoder sifu arrive soon after that and they start fighting, its a 2 on 1 fight .... at first Wong Fei Hung seems to be outnumbered but soon after that Wong Fei Hung managed to kick their ass with his self created "Tiger Crane Paired Form Fist" (Foo Hock Siong Ying Kuen)

Admit defeat Sek Keen and anoder sifu left Poh Chi Lam with all their students, Wong Fei Hung also suffered abit cuts and bruises resulted from the fight just now, he sit down and rest .... that is when Leong Foon come and tok to him :

Leong Foon : Wuah sifu!!! your Tiger Crane Paired Form Fist" dem terrra!!! Weck them kaw kaw fast fast run!!
Wong Fei Hung : Leong Foon dun lansi ... we learn kungfu mia peeple kenot lansi wan ok?
Leong Foon : Yes sifu .... sifu ar .. why just now u ask G Yoke Wing to take out your ong red kungfu shirt one har? really ong ka?
Wong Fei Hung : This is my secret technic ler .... just now its 2 against one ... not a fair fight, so i figured if i wear red kungfu shirt later kena chop also ppl derno i bleeding mah! Lidat can safe face la!
Leong Foon : Wuah sifu you very smart ler!!! Salute salute!
Wong Fei Hung : No nid shine my shoes la ... go clean up the place fast.

Meanwhile Sek Keen couldnt shallow his pride beig defeated by Wong Fei Hung, this time he planned to join hands with 7 others matial art sifus and go challenge Wong Fei Hung together-gether. They plan and plan this for weeks and finally come the day where all 7 of them together-gether do lion dance marching from Sek Keen martial art skool to Poh Chi Lam.

Again Leong Foon run back to Poh Chi Lam to convey the message to his sifu ....

Leong Foon : Sifu sifu!!!! Dai wok la sifu!!!!! diu lar diu lar!!!
Wong Fei Hung : what what ? jou mud 7 so dai wok???
Leong Foon : Hailat la sifu!!! Sek Keen and 6 other sifus kambing here to challenge you! If count all their students got more than 200 peeple!!!
Wong Fei Hung : 9Hai la!!! 200 ppls???!!!
Leong Foon : Sifu how ar how ar? We run jeok chou lar! Leng mou?
Wong Fei Hung : Cibai lu! I not balless one ok? I dont run from a fight wan! Die die la! I will plotek the honor of my family!
Leong Foon : Wuah sifu you so hero lar! I very the admire lu! I willing to die with u!!!
Wong Fei Hung : G Yoke Wing! Come here!!!
G Yoke Wing : Sifu I come ledi ... you want me to bring your Ong red kungfu shirt izzit?
Wong Fei Hung : NO NO!! this time I want you to bring me my Ong Coklat kaler Kungfu pants fast fast!!!


Note : I think this joke also not much ppl will get the punch line ler .... nvm nvm try n see ... if knot understand only i explain ok?


  1. Anonymous1:18 am

    "adept at using weapons such as the wooden long staff"

    O_o, wooden long stuff??!!

  2. bryan : when u komen this post that time this post notchet finish wan laa lol!!! draft post only!

  3. Anonymous6:28 am


    Apart from the punchline I also like this line.

    Leong Foon : Sifu how ar how ar? We run jeok chou lar! Leng mou?
    Wong Fei Hung : CIBAI LU!


  4. coklet pant so he shit in the pant oso no one noe kar???lol

  5. yes, i do get it! i do get it! lol!

  6. Ong Coklat kaler pants ah? for funeral 1 ah? or... when he lao sai can't see right? kekekeke

  7. i dunno abt the others la, but i got the joke the moment i saw brown and pants

  8. I know y need brown color pants..Coz he scare till 'lai si' ma..Correct anot

    U not skeed Wong Fei Hung fansee come find u ar

  9. Anonymous9:26 am

    waaahhhhahahaa.... under the stand liao!

  10. brown pants means he is gonna lai seeeeee izit?

  11. err.. dont understand lar @_@

    I tot Tiger Crane Paired Form Fist is lung fu jau tim..

  12. No shadow brown pants or in this case blown pants oledi la.... kekeke Cheers!

  13. eheee... Wong Fei Hung famous kongfu is 'fat san mou ying keok" lah! he wear the coklat pant during the fight might help to kick n 'fly' out all his shit to sek keen face mah..

    ya lah ya lah, i guess by wearing coklat pant no one will know he scared untill 'laisi' ....


  14. Anonymous11:29 am

    Nola. He just scared he get the shit kicked out of him. Wuahahahahaa...

  15. Anonymous12:37 pm

    lol i though the ending of the story is gonna be something like bring out his "yeung yang cheong" not pant or shirt ma ...

  16. Anonymous1:24 pm

    No need to put my answer liao. Other ppl know also. *cheh.

  17. LOL, it is not the brown karer pants that set me off but the 'CIBAI LU' uttered by Wong Fei Hoong. Hahahaha. *gang with decypher in the jokes department*

  18. I understand!! I cleber!! :D

  19. Anonymous3:24 pm

    wuahahahaha...wuahahahaha...leong foon ask : Sifu, why nochet change brown kaler pant you oledi 'laisi' wan!!

  20. U memang wong fei hong mia sifu la ! Liddat oso can wan LOL!!!!!

  21. ooooo if green shit come out how? kakakaka

  22. did WFH say Chibai lu? you ah.....hehehehe

  23. Eh....I check wif the history dept. WFH is cantonese. So he could not be uttering cibai lu.
    He must have said it in full cantonese gusto "Tiu...niamah chao hai!!"

  24. diu lorrr, don't shit his pants lor!!!

  25. wakau... damn the song..damn lucky i didn't open ur blog in my office..

    but ur post are very funny...COOL..

  26. hohohoho...good tou hai kum.nice nice.


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