26 September 2006

American's Goverment Use YouTube to Fight Drugs Abuse

Using Youtube.com to fight drugs abuse? Thats what the America's goverment is doing right now and if you look at the role of internet today and their influence on daily life of teenagers it might really work! At least they will know what kinda damages they are inflicting to themself.

Drugs aint cool! Drugs makes u look and do stupid stuffs .... Drugs also will makes your X-hole larger!!! Stay away from drugs!

I am wondering ..... If we could do the same thing with our "Mat Cemerlang", show those gory accident pictures involving Mat rempit, sure their ball will shrinks and there will be lesser "Mat Cemerlang" on the road terrorizing us wan.

YouTube used for 'war on drugs'
By Nick Miles
BBC News, Washington

Since the 11 September 2001 attacks on America, the US government's "war on drugs" has been rather overshadowed by its "war on terror".

Now the White House is using one of the internet's fastest growing websites to spread its anti-drugs message.

The site, YouTube, allows people to put video material on the web that can then be watched by anyone with access to a computer and some simple software.

The site shows more than 100 million videos a day.

It is particularly popular amongst teenagers and there is an anti-establishment feel to many of the videos posted on it.

When, for example, you type in the key word "marijuana", hundreds of clips come up advocating its use.

The government's anti-drugs messages are now competing for attention alongside them.

The theme of many of them is how teenagers can avoid caving in to peer pressure.


  1. Anonymous3:07 pm

    eh taking drugs wont make my asshole go larger? sticking something into it will probably ...

  2. cannot work here la. here they said fight against drug... there pula they support, so wat?

  3. If they show the video LinPeh use kapak and chop 9 the Mat-Rempit gang and their motobike sure it'll stop wan !

  4. earl : take drugs ledi then ppl stuff u in jail then u kena rogol then asshole mai bigger lor!!! wuahahaha


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