10 September 2006

Sunday in Opis

Since my kid is not with me so I thot i can go bek to opis to finish up setting the linux file server.

Ubuntu Linux is farking pain in the neck (if you are new to linux like me!) to have them communicate to Windows XPs and Windows 98 and Windows ME is bardee difficult!!! Kena add this add that change this change that MCH!!!

Buden .... life is lidis ... Good thing no free, free thing no good!!! Anyhow the server is up and running liow THANK GOD!!!

Our First Linux File Server!! Running Ohbutoh! ops ... i mean Ubuntu

Then after i done that I even got time to install 2 sets of bamboo blinds in my room ... it kinda give u that kinda japs theme lidat ... dem 9 cool ledi now my room.

The blue bamboo blinds .... chun!

Ok time to go home liow! Adios! Hungry!


  1. Anonymous8:13 pm

    Went back opis to meet ur secretary is it? Dun think we dunno. LoL...

  2. Anonymous12:27 pm

    Window ME sucks big time!!!


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