12 September 2006

Online advertisers change tactics

Erm .. this is not a joke post .... I m so bored today i did lotsa reading and this article given to me by 5xmom wan, its about online advertising. Toking of which ... anyone wanna find me to endorse their products anot??!!! Faitit email me!!!

Unlike TV or radio, the internet is a relatively new arena for advertisers. With the clever consumer knowing how to block the advertisers' pop-ups, companies are having to find new ways to sell their products online.

Samuel L Jackson at the Snakes on a Plane premier
Snakes on a Plane embraced its online following

If you have the money, you can buy a totally immersive interactive online experience.

Makers of the American TV series Lost have created an entire online game based on the programme.

The game is spread across the web, involving fake websites for fake companies, as well as fake interviews and adverts which are then spread through online community sites like YouTube.

Some of the game's sites have even attracted big sponsors, hoping the hype around the game will draw people to the secret pages.

Sometimes you can create an online furore purely by accident. The new Samuel L Jackson movie Snakes on a Plane picked up an enormous following online before the movie was even made.

It spawned a torrent of spoof ads, and spin-off suggestions, including Snakes in a Minivan and Foxes in a Canoe.

But instead of shying away from the unintended hype, the studio embraced it - even incorporating some of the fans' suggested script lines into the final movie.

Of course, films and TV shows can build loyal online fan bases which can effectively become publicity machines themselves.

Bloggers' endorsement

Everyday products, however, need a little more help with the hype.

Some advertisers are considering enlisting the help of popular blogs to spread their message.

Writing a cheque to a search engine is not terribly creative; this is not why advertising agencies have creative departments
Technology journalist Tim Phillips

So-called blogvertising involves paying respected bloggers to endorse products, but is that really in the spirit of what a blog is?

"The whole thing defeats itself," said technology journalist Tim Phillips.

"Either they don't say that they've been paid, in which case it becomes a time bomb and it immediately self-destructs if it comes out that they've been paid to do it.

"Or they do say they've been paid, in which case they lose the respect of the community they've built up."

In a web where pop-up windows are blocked, more advanced methods are needed to make adverts run in web pages.

The pop-up window has been replaced by overlays, which take over the whole web page.

Overlays cannot be blocked in the same way, because they are actually built in to the web page you are looking at.

It is just a case of finding the close button, if there is one.

Source : BBC

See? see??!!! Who want advertise in this popular blog here??!!! who want me fehmes blogger to endorse products??? fastt fassstttt kontek me!!!!



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